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Couple of small tweaks today:

  • improved search's ability to provide game section suggestions for some game names
  • matched sections in search now sort by match count
  • added category add link below category select menu in add/edit forms
  • added more inputs to category add form (previously only available in category edit form)
  • restricted max width of forms to 800px
  • improved appearance of category select input in add/edit forms

More to come!
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    Great, since you are currently on an "update-spree":

    In the Add section, its quite hard to type the name of the game exactly with all symbols in place. So for example, for cs:s to show up you have to type exactly "Counter-Strike: Source", and its also case-sensitive. Or some part of it, but not individual words.

    Can you make it recognize words as well, separated by space, like tags. Much like how its done on the normal search on the top of the page. Because typing "counter strike source" gives this:

    (nothing) but typing the same thing in the upper search gives result.
    DmN means DiaMoNd avatar
    DmN means DiaMoNd
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    In the old layout when you had a mod on the front page it was framed so it's easier to spot. Now that doesn't happen. Seemed like a nice feature.
    If only I wasn't so lazy.. avatar
    If only I wasn't so lazy..
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    Could you make a dropdown menu while adding a mod ? Because we must write the game's name and wait for it to appear in order to choose the mod, but adding a quick dropdow menu that allows you to choose the game rather than typing the whole thing. Would be great to have.
    Jesus knocks
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    Question: Why Do We Have To Pay Points To Edit The Way Your GameBanana Looks? Other Sites Allow It From The Get Go! You Could Only Allow A Set Amount Of Customisation And Unlocking Uberstyle Can Let You Pick Any Colours!
    Your Average Loser :Y avatar
    Your Average Loser :Y
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