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  • Fixed post replies getting cut off by footer
  • Defaulted sidenav to collapsed
  • Turned off SPA functionality for crawlers
  • Beautified license page
Update 3mo
Today we launched a better way to display the content columns in smaller viewports. Since forever we have had a pretty rudimentary solution to responsive design which basically entailed stacking the columns in mobile view, making a super long page that doesn't make much sense. The old UI had a breakpoint of 1000px, which means the columns started stacking almost immediately. In the new UI up until today, we had a flex column system which was smarter but required a lot of perpage optimization that I never got to - it also could not solve the stacking issue in mobile. Now we have a nice expandable column which seems to work quite well. Hope you like it.
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    1 more update = 1 more bug.

    First, opening more than 1reply will cause the posts to completely hide.

    Also, where's the submitter module on submission ?
    Back to what it is.
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    When you click the "X Replies" button, it locks the page scroll and throws the footer bar over the top of whatever you were trying to see.

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