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A few small updates today:

  • Improved sublog (load more & grid layout)
  • SubFeed images are now linked like before
  • Added point gain and loss indicator to Stats nav module. Module will flash red or green when points are lost of gained
  • Changed nav module indicator color to blue
  • Added more saturation to button icons
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    • Middle-mouse clicking to open a page in a new tab breaks the entire page, where reactions, add post, user avatars, cooltips, studio flags, the side bar, and pretty much everything is a bit batshit and won't show up properly until you refresh the page.
    Using Waterfox on Windows 7.

    After opening tab:

    After refreshing tab:

    • You can't open tabs on the featured area of the main site home page. If I had to guess, it's because that floaty-zoom-effect when mousing over it doesn't work properly with middle-mouse clicking. I would also like the option to remove that "zoom on hover" effect, because I don't like when pages start moving under my cursor. Combined with the bug mentioned about new tabs, it creates additional issues.
    • Pressing Enter to make a new line in posts is making two lines, meaning I have to delete one of the extra line breaks each time I split a text.
    • Ads on mobile are still massively prone to having page-jacking ads in them that redirect me to virus sites. On mobile, this is an even larger issue due to the lack of a comprehensive virus software on the scale that a desktop has it. For the record, this behavior on the main web version is the reason I started using ad blockers in the first place a decade ago.

    I know you said a month ago that filters would be back, and we're still waiting on that one. Turning off the showing of every single game on the site, sans the cherry-picked handful I care about is not the solution anyone wants, nor needs.

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    I notice the front page filters are gone. That intentional?

    Used to keep my filters oriented toward Source and Goldsource engine releases --- stuff relevant to me, but now I'm getting everything from Cuphand, Mario Kart 8, to Baldi's Basics in crack snorting and memery.
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    Oversensitive sociopath
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