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Because I can >:)

Bold and red means a better value (framerates and time), just red means worse.

After getting that new PC, I immediately wanted to see how it would run games that my laptop had a hard time with.
So, I did some benchmarking today and re-used a couple of older benchmarks recorded on my laptop.

First, let's take a look at their specs:

Intel GMA X3100 Mobile integrated GPU on the chipset
- 64 MB of dedicated video memory, 384 MB of shared video memory
- 64-bit bus
- OpenGL 2.0, DirectX 10.1
- 8 unified shaders
- 500 MHz GPU clock (according to this document at 1.2.2)

Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 processor at 2.2GHz
- 2 cores and 2 threads
- 4 MB cache 
- released Q3 2006

2GB of DDR2 RAM at 667MHz
160GB 5400rpm hard drive

The new PC:
Gigabyte WindForce II GTX 1050 Ti
- 4 GB of GDDR5 memory
- 128-bit bus
- OpenGL 4.5, DirectX 12
- 768 unified shaders (CUDA cores)
- 1329 MHz GPU clock

Intel Core i5 8400 at 2.8GHz
- 6 cores and 6 threads
- 9 MB cache
- released Q4 2017

1TB hard drive and 250GB Samsung 860EVO SSD

1. Games

Crysis, with everything set to Low except Shader Quality (set to Medium), at 800x600, DX10 (DX9 on the laptop, though).
Far Cry with my own configuration. Emphasis on shaders, lighting, shadows, textures and effects (Very High), while setting Water Quality and Environment Quality to Low-Medium.
Half-Life 1 doesn't really have settings for quality like in modern games, so... everything at maximum settings at 1280x800, V-Sync enabled.
Half-Life 2 with high graphics settings, 1024x768 except Shadow Quality: Medium.
Minecraft 1.7.2 with default settings, 8 chunks render distance. Windowed mode, small default resolution. :p
Counter-Strike 1.6, but not any ordinary map. de_kobbl which is not friendly for older machines.
On all games, I didn't use MSAA, texture filtering was Trilinear (in HL2 it was Anisotropic 4x) and they were run in windowed mode except CS 1.6 and HL2.

And here are the results:

So, the average framerate in Crysis, on the new PC, was 318 frames per second. That's extremely fast. On very high it's usually 120 fps average.
On the laptop, though, it was a tiny 7 fps. I'm surprised I completed the first mission.

In Far Cry, we see a similar trend where the new PC achieves 263 fps. The laptop still holds well enough, with an average of 37 fps. Note that on the outdoors, it was around 20 fps, while it was up to 60fps indoors.

In Half-Life, they perform very close to each other, but if V-Sync was disabled, the results would be much more different. 60 and 58 fps average. Because I was benchmarking with FRAPS, there will be up to a 30% error margin with the laptop, especially if we compare the 0.1% Minimum values to the Minimum values.
This was the map I benchmarked it on:

In Half-Life 2, the results are just like with Far Cry. The difference being that the laptop managed to hold a slightly more stable framerate than in Far Cry, just like the new PC.

However, I also measured the CPU temperatures in HL2. The i5 8400 keeps a steady 46°C average (40°C idle), and the hottest was 51°C.
The Core 2 Duo T7500 was hot as always, averaging around 79°C (65°C idle), with a max temperature of 82°C. In Crysis, it can reach 95°C

In Minecraft, the PC had no problems other than rendering new chunks, which slightly decreased the framerate, but it was rarely even noticeable. The laptop struggled with this, completely going down to 0 fps in some cases. 

On de_kobbl in CS 1.6, the PC performed just like in Half-Life. The low 1% and 0.1% minimums are inaccurate, though. The laptop struggled 60% of the time, and it got wrecked after the C4 exploded.
There was a dynamic light with a big radius, which made the framerate go down to 0 fps, freezing it for a few seconds.

(old WiP screenshot from July 2017)

2. Map compiling and 3D rendering

However, that is not all. The HL map I used for benchmarking was also used for another benchmark. The focus was VIS and HLRAD. Essentially, VIS took a 0.32 seconds on the new PC, and less than 3 minutes in RAD, making it a total of 3 minutes. The laptop compiled the map in 32 minutes.

Rendering in 3DS Max was another benchmark. There was a sequence of 101 frames at 1024x768, rendered in nVidia Mental Ray.
The new PC rendered everything in 1 minute and 58 seconds, while the laptop took 23 minutes and 22 seconds.

3. Video rendering and compressing

In Sony Vegas Pro 10, a 1-minute long video with some noise, fading text and 3D compositing was rendered as an MP4 file, at 1280x720 29,97 fps, only using the processor. It was rendered 3 times and then I calculated the average:

Laptop: 11 minutes and 13,45 seconds.
New PC: 1 minute and 43 seconds.

Compressing a 2 GB video (that 9-minute video) with Handbrake (using H.265) with the original framerate and dimensions took 20 minutes on the new PC. On the laptop, it took 3 hours and 3 minutes.

4. Startup and shutdown

In this part, I measured the time needed to start the PC, how long until it can actually be used, and the time needed to shut down.

The new PC boots up in 13 seconds, and Windows Explorer can be opened right after logging in, and 5 startup programs (Discord, Steam, Evolve, uTorrent and PowerISO) start almost instantly. It shuts down in 12,8 seconds.

The laptop boots up in 35,27 seconds, and Windows Explorer can be opened after 53,92 seconds, which is really bad. Startup programs take up to 2 minutes to open. It shuts down in 40,98 seconds.

So yeah, for people with poor PCs, let this be your reference sheet if you're a person who used a 10-year-old laptop for years, and finally switched to better hardware. Talking about an upgrade. :P
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    I'm glad now have a better PC! :P

    I also had a 2010 laptop which run CS:GO at 40 fps on very low, recently i've upgraded to a desktop PC with GT 1030 GDDR5 and now i can run CS:GO and every recent game at 100 fps on high settings.

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