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A Blog Post for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

So, I spend four days playing Skyrim. There are so many games that I own, but haven't played yet or I could've re-played something like Champions of Norrath, the first Witcher or Shadow of Rome. You know.. actually great games. But instead of doing that, I went with Skyrim... I really don't like Skyrim.

Don't like the stealth and combat due to the inconvenient leveling system. 
While am at the leveling system; I don't like it. Like Champions of Norrath, you get new fighting abilities when leveling up, but this game goes one step beyond and adds menial tasks like price reduction at shops, lock picking, alchemy, smithing, enchanting and armor to the same leveling system, instead of having to leveling these tasks separately as you play the game. I have to pick between being capable to kill enemies by leveling your fighting abilities or die while being able to make good potions. It's an all in one bag with limited choices.

Don't like the choice in difficulty. The game is easy on any difficulty you pick. The hardest difficulty is easy, the twist is that you have to waste your time hitting 1 guy 50-100 times in order to kill him and while you are hitting him you'll have to abuse the terrible AI and use your surroundings.

I don't like fast travel as an option, because it's a level skipper. When you are not using it, a dragon will come along the way you are heading and you will have to carry the bones and scales and believe me they are heavy and you will have to go back or go to the mission and put it inside a barrel and then you have to remember witch one you put them into and bla bla bla...
The thing I liked about the travelling was the orc that wants a good death. 

I didn't like the books, If I reed I can't listen to music with lyrics and vise versa, it was annoying getting one that was important to the """plot""" and having to reed it then and there. Read like 50-70 "books" and some of them were decently written, short and good stories. Other ones were absolutely horrible never-ending-nightmares. Also, there was a story that got heavily censored that really got me intrigued and it turned out it was from a previous game... oh well (btw, it had cuckolding in it).

I laughed at the glitches. I somehow assaulted a dragon that was killing everybody outside a village. Got bounty for hitting a guy trough a barrel. Falling from a mountain and surviving, but falling from a small ledge and death. Getting 100 levels on stuff by hitting a werewolf. Dialogue by characters getting cut off. And a million more things.

I don't like how I can't kill children. Very self explanatory, all the children in the game except that one that you can adopt are obnoxious shitheads. But think of the NPC children's safety bra!

I don't care about 50% of the shouts, if you play for about 20 hours you'll already know that there are absolutely useless shouts that are discount magical abilities, but without actually gaining levels.

The story is nothing special or overly-interesting, some SoFaI and LoTR in it ... eh...

The voice acting. That guy who had the same voice for every one of the characters... why??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
It was cool the first time I heard him. By the fifth time I didn't want to play the game no more.

Final thoughts: There are better games on steam that you can buy. Also research before buying. I did research myself, but got a positive recommendation without a mention of any of the negatives. Also ant-man dies in Infi- oh everybody already saw it? OK then... ;d

I had more fun playing Medal of Honor: European Assault or even Half life: Blue Shift...
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    I also didn't like how the story is presented, no cutscenes, only talking heads with mediocre voice acting. I guess beautiful snowy landscapes were the main selling point of the game.
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    First, no, not eveyone has seen Infinity War, yet. So, fuck you for that!

    Second, why wouldn't you have more fun playing Blue Shift? It was a decent expansion.

    Third, never played skyrim, although it's on the list, but I too hate leveling systems like that in games. So I'll keep that in mind, before I buy it.

    Fourth, this was more of a review than a blog, but I ain't gonna flag it or anything.
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    If only I wasn't so lazy..
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