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A Blog Post for Steam

I saw a lot of games on the cheap in steam the other day, that's because of the Squareenix steam sale. I got Legacy of Kain and Dues Ex for two euro. I made this blog to alert people if they haven't noticed the steam sell.

I got the legacy of Kain, because I remember playing it on PS1 more than 13 years ago. And I have the intro of the guy being thrown into the pit still in my head. I hope it's a good game, because I remember getting basically nowhere and feeling totally lost. :D

I got the Deux Ex (original) as well, due to the praise one youtuber gave it. The newer games look smother, but I want to start from the first one. Also, even if the story of the first one is "just OK" or "meh" it's definitely at least the one euro. 

Here on GB, I am fixing old stuff. I am fixing the Nata Knife now and I already fixed the u-HUD. So, things are going good. Also, I got loads of points for the Nata knife, I got mad rich. If I knew that porting stuff could get me that many points, I would've ported at least five or more skins already.

I hope you found this a bit useful or at least entertaining. Eh, who cares. :D


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