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In the wake of the December attacks on GameBanana I have been working closely with GameBanana's Chief Security Analyst (Mini) to patch up exploits in our account platform. 

Previously our login form was exposed to what is known as "credential stuffing", whereby an attacker uses user data leaked from other sites (check if your data as been leaked) to attempt to log into a user's other accounts on other websites. This was briefly happening on a large scale on GameBanana due to two shortcomings of our login form:

  1. No blockout for repeated login failures, allowing automated scripts to make unlimited login attempts (called a "brute force attack").
  2. No unrecognized location checking or blacklist checking of IP's logging in.

We've resolved these shortcomings but there are still other security holes, such as changing emails, making BananaExchange purchases, etc. 

New Security Procedures

We now have 3 different security procedures, of varying strength and convenience, which will be deployed when Potential Attack Vectors (PAVs) are interacted with:

  1. The Security Advisory - account holder is notified that a PAV interaction occurred.
  2. The Verification Email - account holder must verify via email the PAV interaction was initiated by them.
  3. The Wait Period - account holder must wait X number of hours before a PAV interaction is automatically accepted.

Known PAVs

We have identified six Potential Attack Vectors:
  1. Logging in from an unrecognized IP
  2. Logging in from a blacklisted IP
  3. Multiple failed login attempts
  4. Changing emails
  5. Changing passwords
  6. BeX purchasing

Each one must be addressed with a security procedure. Determining which security procedure to use is the tricky part and where all the potential inconvenience comes in.

Unfortunately we live in an age where your data is leaking everywhere, as new sites are breached every day. Enhanced security comes at the price of convenience, but we will try to make the inconvenience as minor as possible.
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    I was logging in in the very same location everytime and using the similar computer, but it still says logged in in a new location. Why ? :(
    Back to what it is.
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    I log in from the same IP every day and it still says it has detected unknown IP.

    Also turns out I got pwned as the site in the link refers to it. But they showed me a website I've never visited in my life. What is going on here?
    If only I wasn't so lazy.. avatar
    If only I wasn't so lazy..
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    So this explains the reason why I keep receiving the "Log in from an unidentified IP address" notification, I guess
    I want to shoot myself
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