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So It's been weird this year. But I got to work more on my day to day job and because of that, I could finally buy a "good" PC. 

My potato laptop was slowly getting worse and worse, so at least I didn't end up without a PC again.  (Now I can finally go to youtube and watch a 420p video without lag :D)

Playing games has been very fun over the past days, playing a lot of PlanetSide2, probably my new fav and I am even playing it more that cs 1.6, which is a bit odd to me.

Today, I bought the entire valve collection + Black Mesa for 20 euro. Might try playing CS:GO for the first time and hopefully I won't hate it. And as far as I know, the team behind BM is close to finishing their long awaited Xen part, which I am hopeful for.

Didn't accomplish that much on GB this year. I finished trashing all the sprites I thought were too outdated. I fixed a few of my skins and made a few newer ones. I even made like 20 new sprites, 1 new HUD and 3 new skins that I didn't publish due to multiple internet problems. But I will upload stuff soon, probably.

I don't stay for a long time on this site, but I hope that you are all at least having happy holidays wherever you are right now. Thanks for being here and see you around, I guess. :)



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