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My current state of things (crisis)

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Countless map projects left unfinished, and high school starts tomorrow. :c

I'll have to admit, this year was one of the best years of my life.
But it might end up being one of the worst. It's a bitter-sweet experience, lol.

Many things happened this year:
  • I released de_kobbl
  • I returned to working on Codename 4Way (my Quake map)
  • I started making some progress on YouTube
  • I got the courage to clean my laptop (what a mess)
  • I finally completed Quake, Quake II and 3 CoD games
  • I even found a good store where I will buy my new PC's parts and I made a new pile of Internet buddies at their Discord server. :D
  • I played CS 1.6 with a girl in school xd
  • And so on...

However, high school starts tomorrow. :c
I won't have enough time for mapping or anything like that. I study all the time (sometimes I fall asleep while doing that, lol) and I don't have enough time left. I'm okay with that, lol.

I was watching my 2 school videos and listening to a sad song, and nostalgia hit me like a brick. I felt so sad, convinced that such moments will never happen again, and I accepted the reality that those moments are gone now. sigh

Honestly, if it weren't for this, or this, I wouldn't like school. :P
My life was pretty boring until 7th grade. And things would become even better in 8th and 9th grade. That's just one of the things I believe that will not happen any more.

The second thing is time. In elementary school, there weren't that many lessons to learn. Don't take it as a complaint, that's how real life simply is. :P

I'm just afraid that I won't have time. I'll miss you people.
Of course, I don't know anything yet. I don't know how it is to go to high school, but I'm about to find out.

So, my activity will be reduced in the upcoming days...
I might have some time left to chat in the evening, though. :)
This is going to be interesting.


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    Since you're starting high school, it's obligatory that this be posted.

    Jokes aside though, you'll do fine. I'm sure you'll still have time to work on your projects and visit with your friends (both on the site and in real life), so the reduced activity won't be too big an issue. You just need to plan around what you're wanting to do in your free time, and that's really about it.
    Still waiting on good times.


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