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Alternatives to steam payment games. - A Blog Post for Steam

I have no money, that does not prevent me from playing, these alternatives to steam payment games are based on my point of view, any criticism (as long as it is constructive and formal, without language soes) will be accepted and added Item or a new one.
These games will be named and then they will be indicated their pros and cons.

Let's start:

Half-life 1, Half-life Opposing force, Half-life Blue Shift:
 Sven COOP.
-The game is updated with patches from the community.
- It can be played with friends by both LAN and OnLine (using the dedicated server program).
-The list of servers is large and each with different themes (DM, Survival, Story Mode, Zombie Mod).
-The maps are only designed for Multiplayer.

Counter-Strike 1.6, Condition Zero:
Counter-Strike Nexon Zombies.
-It's an expansion of version 1.6.
-It has an aggregate of different zombie modes.
-Lanzan maps by seasons with different themes.
-In my case the pitcher of the game makes the game in full match go slow.
-The game can not be edited since they have their own system of: skins, hats, characters. Making any change in models may cause them to not give you more access to the game, or to the multiplayer to a lesser extent.

Killing Floor, Left 4 dead (would be in a midpoint):
Codename Cure.
- Free time, you can make changes to the models with great ease (since it is created with Source Engine).
-There are several modes (Mission, PVP, Surges).
-Music packs.
-Servers in Latin America are few and many are bad.
- Does not change the characteristics of the zombies (They are all the same only that it changes its appearance and resistance).

I know they are little at the moment so I also want pediles with the respect (as indicated by the beginning of the blog), to tell me which games they recommend (as an alternative to a payment game) and I will gladly download, Podre in a following part or as a way of updating this blog.

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    I don't know if you still view this thread or plan to update it but another good Counter-Strike alternative that is free and is still being worked on by the developers, with a sequel on the way is Urban Terror also known as Urban Terror 4 or UT4. It runs on the same engine used for Quake 3. It's sequel, Urban Terror 5 is going to be on the Unreal 4 Engine and is still in development I think.
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