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Crysis on a 2007 laptop

A Blog Post for Crysis

Nanosuit voice: MAXIMUM LAG

Crysis, the game which served as a PC torturer for years until Crysis 2 and 3 came out, was released in the same year as my old Fujitsu S7210 did.

Last night, I decided to find out how well my laptop can run it.
Or if it can run.

Of course, the game won't look like this:

(image embedded from GameSpot)
No, definitely not.

I've also prepared a frametimes chart at the end.

Having opened Crysis in DX9 mode, I went to the settings:

Ah, 72fps. Delightful.
And I jumped straight into the game:

Oh, 276fps. That's got to be great, right?

Well, not really. In the first opening sequence, I had this:

By my standards, this is a fairly acceptable framerate.

10fps. Still a bit more than playable.

2fps! Wow! This part of the cutscene was 1.5x slower only because I had 1 to 2fps in it. The sentences spoken by Prophet and the other guys were out of sync.

No worries, though:

The game ran very well on low settings. 7fps is still playable.

My fps didn't stop me from cutting down the trees. ;)
(and killing some enemy soldiers, which was surprisingly easier than I thought)

And here we dip to 5fps, because of the dense vegetation.

4fps, as you can see.

In fact, even my CPU had a hard time.
I noticed that because when I tried to move in a straight line, my character would move in a zig-zag pattern, but in a very choppy way. (I'm assuming the CPU couldn't calculate and blend the 3D X and Y co-ordinates fast enough, so it had to sum it up without decimals)

And, what else can I say?
Crysis looks good, even on low settings.

As I had promised, here are the frametimes:

As you can see, there's a giant lag spike between the left and the centre.
The delay lasted about 14 seconds before the next frame while the game was auto-saving.
Basically, my laptop's 5400rpm HDD is just so slow sometimes. In fact, this is way slow even for such an old laptop HDD.

I'll have to admit:
Crysis nearly killed my laptop because it almost overheated my CPU. When I closed Crysis and wanted to turn off Firefox, it couldn't exit, even when I tried killing firefox.exe in Task Manager.

The next morning, I tried to turn on my laptop, but there was a blank screen, no beeps, and the main fan was spinning at max speed (and so, noise).

At some point I decided to remove the HDD:

Hooray, my laptop had started working again.
I reinstalled the HDD and it worked fine.

Thank you for reading! Have a nice day. :)


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    It's a graphic fault ,  ( Intel GMA X1300  )  There is an office on the minimum would be play  
    I have solution  ..
    First  start game  in     -Devmode which forces Developer Mode
    The way to do this is
    to right-click on your Crysis launch icon, select Properties, and one blank space after the last character in the Target box, add your command  ,    -devmode   with  -       ..
    "D:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Bin32\Crysis.exe" -devmode
    Next tape in console
      con_restricted=0 to get out of restricted mode before most commands will work in the console; only 12 cvars work when restricted mode is enabled.

    Then Finally   tape  
    e_lowspec_mode = 1


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    What are your Spec? Maybe I could try on my 2005/2006 one if yours were worse (especially the gpu)
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    Still Alive..
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    That's normal for me too, for most games made after 2007. In fact I"m so accustomed to it that the first thing I do when I get a new videogame is head to the options and chop off all the fluff.

     Intel integrated graphics all the way, man. G43/45 express chipset. Real-time lighting and shadow rendering being my only downfalls.

    I use and abuse my PC so much it probably hates me.

    Half Life series and Killing Floor (1) has thus far been the only games I've [tried and have] been able ot run on maximum graphics with no lag.
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    Oversensitive sociopath
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    What program are you using to see the fps?

    Steam's and NVidia Geforce's are totally wrong.

    Plus it understands 3d model viewers as games :/
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    test 1 2 3
    You can play at 7fps?? I would get a headache and become very irritable.
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    testing 1234 222


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