My school trip to the army

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At 23rd Nov. 2016, my school organised a trip to the barracks. It was quite fun.

We came with the army bus. I saw so many surnames written on the seats, even one of my classmates' surname!

In the bus, we listened to songs like Fortunate Son and others from the Vietnam War era. 2 of my classmates were sitting on a supply crate, because all the seats were taken xD

We started mentioning known Serbian war individuals, and then we were told to stop it xD
(well, obviously, since it was a trip to the Bosnian army)

Right upon the entry, I saw a few M4A1's there and there. Nothing special yet. We then waited at the park (or whatever that was).

At some point, we entered a wide building where we watched a presentation, and then we listened to the anthem, being performed by a small orchestra :)

But then, came the unexpected...

A live-action practice, with blanks:

(faces blurred, of course)
There were shots, explosions and smoke grenades. Man, it was fun to watch. I also recorded the whole thing, but I'd not like to upload it on YT :/


This is actually "mine" in plural. In south-Slavic, "mina" means "mine", while "mine" means "mines".

In fact, this is how I got my avatar:

I put the filter for it to look nicer (P.S. The M16A1 looks a bit blue, so that's a plus). If it hurts your eyes, then:

Other than the M16A1, there's the M60:

Yes, I carried that one too. You can even notice the M60 with a tripod in the background :D

Also, this thing is HUGE:

The little 2nd-graders entered it :3
They even carried the guns, so cute. There was 1 kid who dual-wielded two M16's, lol.

There was this thing:

We call it "veber". I don't know the English equivalent of this, maybe "Webber"? I don't know much about military vehicles.

Our comrade, Erwin129, proudly climbed it:

I think he was targeting our school ;)

Anyway, every weapon was unloaded, and set to safe fire mode. No-one got hurt, nor killed, don't worry.

AND STOP complaining about trigger discipline! I knew what I was doing, and I knew that nothing would happen!
These unused weapons were prepared to be used by 2nd-graders, so it's obvious that they were fully unusable, speaking of firing.

It was fun, I loved it. We returned back to Stolac (the "C" is pronounced as "ts"), and I was waiting on one street for 30 minutes, for my parents to pick me up. Then, subjectively, that day ended.

Thank you for reading :)


  • 7mo
    Military costs a lot of taxpayer $$s.
    But without ours, we'd all be speaking Japanese today. Or German.
    I hope Peace for Bosnia.
  • 7mo
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    Would've loved to live something like that, but pretty sure our soldiers barely have working pistols, let alone machine guns.
    Must've been real fun, dude! Nice!
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    I love everyone.
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    you got me at the part where you said army :D
    • Cheers x 1
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