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Don't think it hasn't been a little slice of heaven.

Well. Finally happened. Or happening.

After 7 long years of hard use, my hard drive is on the road to failure. Gonna keep this short because everytthign except the visual themes are lagging the hell out. Tookabout 5 minutes alone for me to access this page due to how slow the processes are going on my pc. I'm getting the "click of death" a term I hadn't encountered since the Floppy era. My harddisk is making a very audible clicking noise on sytem startup and occasionally while browsing files --- which I'm doing a lot of right now, my one lucky point is that the file and folder system are still functional so with the conveinently timed arrival of the External harddrive I ordered I'm doing mass backups of important files as I speak. That may be in part why everytihng is so slow, but even before I started backing up the system acted like it was having a stroke. Everything works properly but its slower than my old dial-up windows 95. 

Nevertheless this is where I'm forced to call it quits for now. At least until i can either salvage this computer or buy a new one, as I am clearly unfit to be active on any programs. In the event I can temporarily access things I may swing by if its worth it but...

If anyone is out there wondering "what happened to that one douche who always bothered people?" I'm out of commission for the time being.

My harddrive is dying and my life is in shambles. Time to pick up a new hobby. Probably photography.

Gonna post this as a blog and a thread, hope everyones ok with that. 


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    Good luck in your future endeavours. Definitely will be odd without you around.
    Embrace the night
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    Good luck with that :)

    "Tookabout 5 minutes alone for me to access this page"

    I definitely know how it is. Let's just hope for the better future, shall we?
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    Not a furry. My gf is, so... avatar
    Not a furry. My gf is, so...
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    Cell 1
    Good luck.)
    officially retired


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