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> I received the chance to interview the legendary Zakk from our very own FPSB. From his accomplishments such as FPSB-Radio or FPSB TV, he is surely a legend. His generosity has helped raise our moral and shows in his Christmas Contest threads and other contest threads.

Hello Zakk, thanks for allowing me to do this interview with you. Many members and I have noticed your amazing ability to help bring morale to the community. What made you first want to do this?

Well around 4 years ago, I met FPSB | Kat.FIsh and joined his clan. We became merry men together and he introduced me to the world of FPSBanana beyond the skins and maps. From then I got trolled and flamed many times by Scouts shakes fist. It was towards the end of my first year I wanted to make a name for myself and bring my skills to the community beyond convension and start FPSB-Radio which caused much attention; both lovers and haters. It was from there I began to meet people from the community such as Shaydee, Mini, Zippit, Lonwolf1132 (Sudoka) and other old vets like Caboose and ModMaster. Ever since then I just wanted to make more of a community in the Banana.

Who was your first friend on FPSB? Besides Kat.

A. Crikey, long time ago. Er from what I recall my first real interactions with bananites were Scouts and Zippit. Scouts being the bane loved to just troll me to the point of sexual harrassment while Zippit was a good laugh who always made sense and was like father figure, and sadly I got him permagagged when helping him express the Ekic issues. I never really had just one friend; it expanded with the Radio. Mini, Jonny, Lex, Shaydee, Grandspammer, Bojero, a lot of old vets, and I; we were a mad a bunch of idiots really. Over the years lots of the e-friends have come and gone really but I still remember all the funtimes and I still talk to most people. But the banana is only a few hours a week for me so it's hard to keep up with them. I also want to say sorry now if I missed out other legends Like OMGFIRE and JubJub they were there too! Q. What made you want to start FPSB-Radio? A. Well, though not many people know, I started doing radios for website since I was 11 years old. I learned from others I had met on sites such as Habbox and Habshack back when I was younger and less experienced and thought Habbo was a good game lol... They showed me the basics and this was accompanied by my music technician courses. I remembered bringing people together previously and thought FPSB was missing something, having heard many failed attempts I guess I thought maybe I could do better. Having the support of members during the time helped incredibly. With people like Scouts and Haxorfox donating to the course to pay for a server and license. The radio, looking back on it, gave many laughs and fun times and that at the end of the day was all I wanted. Others claimed it was for points or to be an attention whore because of everyone spamming the forums But really it was just for teh lulz. Q. I understand that the radio was down for some time. What happened? A. Well we ran into a few bits of trouble. We all know that at the end of the day it's the internet and we have other lives. I'd run into a heep of school work, school troubles (there's a thread somewhere explaining how I was suspended), and just a general lack of communication which made the project die. We also had technical faults with our host being sued for license issues. When the IP was changed people became cave-men, and just not understanding we'd moved so we lost huge interest during then. Most importantly, though recieving tiny donations, I being 15 at the time was paying $40 a month for the server. I still to this day pay it, to keep the server and license running because the deal was something hard to come by. It's sad to say that when people said it was dieing, I believed them and sort of went with it. Q. More recently we've seen the return of the radio. What happened? A. Well, we all know the cheeky mac daddy Mr. BigRoss returned to the Banana, he played a huge part in the still up-coming revival. He offered to update and add new features to both the module and an external website control panel. Working with him made me want to revive it. Though we still have major things to fix such as that ongoing fincial issue which has got to a critical stage now. I looked back on the laughs and lets be honest we know the banana isn't in the best shape seen since 2007/8. I wanted to bring the community together once and more and hopefully see younger members get involved and get more Veterans DJing. The radio will return, but with the summer, college exams and general life to contend with I'm not going to lie, it's going to be tough. The radio though over-talked about, was a milestone in my opinion that cannot be overshadowed and we all secretly want it back, along with the prank calls to FPSB members, the robot voice fights, the huge points for minimal effort competitions and of course for Mini Madness' sake, PINK ELEPHANTS AND LEMONADE. There... I said it. Q. We've seen your Christmas Competitions. Are there more competitions yet to come? A. Competitions are something I love doing, whether it be points, ripe, games or the occasional anal pounding. If I can dream up something to do and a cause there will be a competition. I love the prospect of sharing stuff and giving things out because it's the only way we can truelly keep our "banana economy" and the community happiness in tact. I must admit I have had to put my giveaways on hold and I've not been so active. But I will love to make up for that because who doesn't like winning? I'm looking to bring back nominations again and hopefully when I get back into work to buy some more ripes again and hand those out. Over the years I worked out I'd bought ripe over 35 times from 1 years to life times and I definitly want to increase that for the hell of it. Q. Is it likely that FPSB TV will return? A. Ah, not my best moment I must admit. The original concept for FPSB-TV was to get user generated content from the community, I.E. machinima, submissions, random lols or frag videos to be displayed to the community by the community. I had originally planned out shows to be created by other people and most people offered but sadly most people were not as experienced with video editing and had to combat being shy. One thing people don't notice is a lot of people don't like talking of showing themselves to the community which is a drawback when people ask to help. Like the radio a communication barrier and a lack of helping hands put the project on hold. I am considering passing it onto someone else but the community is to broken for a successor to take it further. I admit doing this week in the banana was great fun but a lot of negative criticism made me change my mind about making the show until I sorted out some routine. I guess it will eventually come back but when, with who and about what are the things to consider. Q. What made you want to become a mod? A. I chased the mod band wagon after my second year. I felt like I would be a good role model except for causing spam competitions and persuading members to express their opinion to the point of them being permagagged cough Zippit cought. I thought, it's the next step in my Banana journey to become a mod and just take helping the community. I applied twice, once in 2008/9 (I don't really recall) and failing after discussions on whether I was needed or not or qualified. Then in January, I just thought I'd try again for the sake of it. Mr Jonny Higgins was a mentor on what mods should be like etc. and when I was accepted it was quite fun. What people will never know is when you become a mod, the Banana becomes a different world, and remember to be a sucsessful mod you need to have the touch of a rapist. Firm and controlling. Being a mod never crossed my mind until people began to confuse me for one and as I became good buds with Jonny I found myself forwarding every problem I found or was given to by mistake, I guess eventually he convinced me and I thought yeah why not. Q. What advice would you give the youngyins out there trying to help out the community and/or become a mod? A. Really? Sounds like I'm an athelete trying to pursuade fat kids to excercise. But seriously, if you want to help the community then just be loud, proud and helping. Trolling, though uber funny, it's a no no. Lay off the memes and just be yourself. If you want to help then just do it. To become a mod thats different, you need to make a name for yourself, you need to prove your worth and wait for an opening because believe it or not the teams does get full. Asslicking can help but most mods are smart enough to tell you to fuck off. So my real advice is to make your own banana path and you'll get there. Unlike others who may have asslicked, pleaded and begged to get somewhere... no names mentioned. Also remember that your modlog is like a permenant record, and so what you do for lulz may not be good in future. So learn to be passive in your trolling and make others do your bidding and if you become sneaky enough you will gain powah. Q. What was it like first stepping up to the plate as a mod? A. It's sad to say but it was quite exciting. I mean I kinda knew how it all worked and stuff from many shinanigans with mods like Jonny Higgins and Sebhael but when you get to use the tools and access to an archive of controversy that most people don't know about you can't help but just wonder off. I admit I'm not quite chummy with most mods or admins which made me think how long till I get booted out for what ever reasons. I guess when you become a mod it dawns on your that you can't be a silly member you have to commit to coming regularly to the site and actually doing something. Though most mods are cheeky and such, they are doing a job and that's the maintain Tom's creation. I also then understood how much abuse mods get from people who think they're being picked on when really they are causing problems. Q. Thanks Zakk for taking the time to answer my questions. I hope to see you more and more of your creations on the banana. Anything else to say? A. It's been great looking back on this, 3 years of the Banana with still many untold tales. All I can say really is, i'm not done giving out prizes or causing laughs or trying to bring the community together. You've not seen the last of me. Support the Banana
Zakk showing his support for the Banana by putting a sticker on his Mac.
Other accomplishments: ---------------------- - Ripe Giveaway - Nomination Thread 1 - Nomination Thread 2 - Nomination Thread 3 - Concept of FPSB-Radio Thread


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