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Nipper has got to be one of the most well known and respected mappers in the mapping community. His abstract ideas were a first for many games and has been known about ever since. Have you ever wanted to know how he got to where he is today? Well sit back and read up on this exclusive interview!

Well Nipper I am glad you have taken the time to answer some diehard questions for us today. First off I would like to ask you how long you have mapped for?

April 2001 was the first time I successfully compiled a map.

What got you into mapping? Was there any inspiration involved or did you just one day decide that you wanted to create maps for games?

I wanted to make maps since the first time I played doom. So I guess my hatred of Doom's level design is the main driving force behind me wanting to map.

What was the first game that you mapped for?

Chaos Gate

What motivates you when mapping? Do you do it for the fans or for the sheer thrill of creating something new and original?

The lack of anything better to do with my time.

Which of your creations are you most satisfied with? Which one are you least satisfied with?

Most satisfied with drop_in . Least satisfied with all of my first CS:S maps. The ones that end with '_s'.

What do you consider a good map and why? Do you first look at the creativity of the map or just the overal detail and work put into the final product?

Maps that don't have the authors nickname in brushwork are usually pretty good. I think you can gauge how good a map is by the amount of developer textures it uses.

Any future projects you wish to share with us? This could include a new map pack or anything of that nature.

We're planning another Halloween mappack next. Then by the time that's done hopefully I will be mapping for Left 4 Dead.

Do you plan to map for any more games?

Other than Source engine games no.

Have you ever considered joining a mod team or a developing group? I have no doubt that a man with your talents would be perfect for the job.

I was on the mapping team for some HL1 mod that was abandoned. But no there's not many mods that interest me and stand a chance of ever being released.

What would your career of choice be? Would it have something to do with mapping such as architecture/engineering or do you want to continue to map for a living?

Apparently my career of choice is the lowest paying most boring jobs imaginable.

How do you promote your maps? There are not many people out there in the gaming community that has not heard of you, so how did you manage to do that?

Persistence I guess. I must have made about 80 maps before any of them ever ended up on a dedicated server.

How did your Cherry Clan (Cc_) originate and why was that name picked? Is the clan made up of abstract mappers or just people that you get along with and share your unique personality traits.

When I first started mapping I would host a listen server to play my maps with bots and occasionally a real person would download the map and join. The same group of people regularly showed up to see my newest maps and they became the first Cherryclan members. The name came from an old candy I used to eat when I was really young. I just picked the name because it already had the word 'clan' in it. Cc_ has never been a serious clan, it was always sort of a parody of real clans.

Where do you get the ideas for your abstract designs? Do you just start the map, add in random rooms, and connect them?

The 1.6 abstract maps all had detailed sketches before I started them. The source ones I just start with the center room and work my way out. The ideas come from everywhere. Whatever is on my mind at the time I start making them usually ends up in the map.

How did you learn to map? Did you just play with all the features, did someone teach you, did you look online for tutorials?

I just sat there playing around with the buttons and trying to figure out what everything did until the basics started to come together. I did read a bunch of tutorials when I was trying to figure out specific entity-related stuff.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me about your mapping history and future plans. One last question, could you share any tips for any new or current mappers out there?

Don't waste your time it's not worth it. Also, your edited de_westwood is garbage, make your own damn maps you jerks.



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