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Hardware Review: Logitech G600

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Logitech G600 Review
The G600 is the first MMO gaming mouse from Logitech with 20 programmable buttons. Twelve buttons at the tip of your thumb to really improve your gameplay in any MMO on the market. In this review we take a closer look at the overall design, performance and the software which let you program every button you can find on the mouse. Design ================== The overall design of the mouse is minimalistic but still good looking. It’s made out of a hard black plastic material (also available in white) with some grip on the side and is really good at resisting sweat. The scroll wheel has a nice feeling and let’s you scroll very smoothly, you can still feel the scrolls and does not make a loud noise. The scroll wheel itself leans to the left and right and also functions as a middle click, all the functions can of course be modified in the software. Under the scroll wheel we find two extra G buttons which let you switch profile or change DPI levels, but like everything else it can be programmed to whatever you prefer. At the bottom of the G600 there are two large feet that are made out of a material called PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), or otherwise known as Teflon. It makes the mouse slide very smoothly over any surface. To keep it sliding the way you want they made the cord braided so it’s really strong and doesn't get stuck that easy. Performance ================== From the first moment when I placed my hand on the mouse it felt really comfortable, it has a nice grip to it so it’s easy to move the mouse around. The mouse doesn't have a weight system like we see in other Logitech game products but with a 133g (3.98-ounce) it has a perfect balance between light and heavy and has almost the exact weight as the popular Razer Naga. The position of the side buttons is in a comfortable place so it’s very natural for you to reach all of the 12 buttons without breaking a finger. The set of 12 is designed in a way so there are two distinct sets of six buttons angled in a way so it’s easy to find your way around them. The buttons itself are easy to press which is very good for long gaming sessions and yet they are not too soft so you won’t press them by accident when lifting up the mouse. Personally I really like the way the buttons are angled and placed but I found out that people with bigger hands might have the issue that he/she presses two buttons at the same time by accident. If the buttons had a little bit more space between them it would help but with a hand size like mine I didn’t had that much problems with it. The extra third click can be very helpful in many games and applications and can be set to whatever you need. By default it’s set to the G-Shift function with lets you double the amount of keys you have, so basically you can set two commands to each button and switch between them with the third click. Yes this is a gaming mouse but even for design programs like Photoshop this mouse can be very helpful and having that third click can definitely achieve you to do things faster than ever before. The way how it’s set right out of the box is that you use your index finger for the left click, your middle finger for the right click and your ring finger for the extra third click, however you can change this completely within the Logitech Gaming Software. Software ================== The mouse itself doesn’t come with any software in the box, this is because Logitech wants you to download the latest drivers and software from their website. Once you have installed the software it will automatically detect your mouse and after that you can configure it the way you want it. Just like other gaming products from Logitech the G600 has build in memory to save up to 3 profiles into the mouse itself (more if you save them on the PC). This allows you to take the mouse wherever you go it will always have the right settings just the way you set it. Of course one of the most important features for the G600 are the many programmable buttons and what is a good mouse without good software right. The software allows you to easily configure every single button on the mouse, you have 20 buttons to play around with but with the handy G-Shift function you can almost double that amount. G-Shift lets you use a second set of 19 buttons to program. For example: Let’s say you program the number 1 to the G9 key on the mouse, when you press the G-Shift key you can set the same G9 key to a new key for example ctrl+1. So basically you can add 2 functions to one button. If you prefer so you can also disable buttons you think you don’t need. DPI settings are also available on the G900 and ranges from 200 up to 8200 DPI. You can set four different DPI levels to switch through with any of the buttons you prefer. A feature that is really clever is to hold the G-Shift key to switch to a different DPI level, this can be very helpful in many different games, for example when you are sniping you can hold down the G-Shift key to lower your DPI so it’s easier to aim, let it go and your speed is back to normal. The polling rate (reports per second) has 8 different settings, going from 125 to 1000. If you set it to 1000 it tells your computer 1000 times per second where his location is on the screen, this gives you almost no latency. As you probably saw in the previous pictures you can set basically every color you want on this mouse, red, green, blue, white or anything in between. You can also let it pulsate your favorite color or let it range between a wide variety of colors. What color do you prefer? Specifications ================== Resolution: 200 - 8200 DPI
USB report rate: 1000/sec
Button clicks: 20 million
Feet: 250km
Weight (without cable): 133g (3.98-ounce)
Dimensions: 118 mm x 75 mm x 44 mm (4.6 x 2.9 x 1.6-inch)
Cable length: 2 m (6.5”) Conclusion ================== The Logitech G600 is a very comfortable and solid mouse with excellent speed and customization settings that lets you do exactly what you want it to do. It has a nice grip to it and is not too heavy for long gaming sessions. The two groups of 6 buttons at the side are perfectly angled so it’s easy for you to find your way around them and are easy to press yet not too easy so you don’t press them by accident when you move the mouse around. The ability to set two functions to one key is very nice and can be use in many situations. Although the side buttons are in a perfect position some people with bigger hands might have the problem they sometimes press two buttons at the same time. A bit more space between those side buttons would be better but if your hands are normal to small like mine I don’t see too many problems with it. General:
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  • Pengprey avatar
    Pengprey Joined 7y ago
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    been trying to decide between this a razer and a corsair, will keep this guide in consideration, thanks.
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    access_time 7y
    You know the mouse has been designed and evaluated _for_ and _by_ fat neckbearded gamers when it's sweat resistance is a review point. I think it's a pretty fair price for the functionality that it offers with the added keys, especially when dealing with creative software.
    Mean on the web avatar
    Mean on the web
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  • ReapFreak avatar
    ReapFreak username pic Joined 9y ago
    access_time 7y
    Can i call home using this ?
    At the end of it all
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  • jdramirez avatar
    jdramirez Joined 11y ago
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    access_time 7y
    Man i really want this as my brother's gift for christmas
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  • robin avatar
    robin Joined 13y ago
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    access_time 7y
    Is this new? why haven't I gotten one of these. :3
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    Senior Moderator
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  • Rafael De Jongh avatar
    Rafael De Jongh username pic Joined 12y ago
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    Rafael De Jongh avatar
    Rafael De Jongh
    Apocalyptic Flag
    Skinning/Modelling Expert
    access_time 7y
    Quite a lovely review, I still prefer this mouse above the razer one it's way more comfortable over time and well it's just Logitech!
    Web Developer & 3D Artist avatar
    Web Developer & 3D Artist
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  • LolItsMona avatar
    LolItsMona Joined 8y ago
    access_time 7y
    Mmm, I'll totally keep an eye out for one of these.
    pizza pls
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