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> He's one of the most awe-inspiring, gob-smacking artists to grace FPSBananEveryone has heard of him, and everybody wants a little piece of his magic; not only is he an amazing artist, but also one of FPSBanana's modteam. I took some time out of his busy schedule to ask him some questions about his work.

It's a pleasure to have you here, NoiseLess, but we'll get straight down to business... I want to take you back a year, to when you registered an account on FPSBanana. What crossed your mind when you clicked that 'login' button for the first time?

Releasing my skeleton hand skins! It was my first skin prior to the site. Not that great, may I add. But I had to start somewhere!

Most people learnt about your amazing talent through past sets you made a long time ago; what made you start producing them? And more so, what made you stop?

Well, I was really into starting Photoshop about a year and a half ago; hence my skins and sets. I started sets as an alternative to skins; basically to give me something to do. I got better over time and produced them faster with some good results. I mainly went on because the points I got for them. Ahhh, good times! Why I stopped? Well... It wasn't because I got bored. It was because I got tired of using game renders. I do a lot of art and photography now, though.

Aside from set-making, you've also endulged in the world of skinning for CS:S. What inspired you into taking some time to do this?

I really love texturing cloth and fashion in general. So I put both of those likes to good use. Voilà! Skins! Other factors were because of my clan -arc- at the time. I managed it; site, server, whole dealio. We needed some custom skins. So I did them. :P

To continue on from the previous question, which project would you have deemed to be the most difficult out of all the ones you've taken part in?

It would have to be my latest hand skin. The artemes gloves. I had to think of a strap system that was unique and actually added something visually appealing to the glove. The textures were a run-off of aligator skin, and that was difficult as well. The wrinkles weren't too difficult, but the normals were a pain for the straps. A lot of different heights and sharpness went into it. Lots and lots of layers... oh god, it makes my head spin.

Have you ever thought of delving into the world of customisation for a different game, maybe even through a different medium?

I actually have tried my hand at modelling. HUGE kudos to redrogue too, for helping me. I do have a few more models that are "under wraps", along with other secret projects. Millenia has seen my knife model, which should be released in the model section of FPSB soon enough.

Now onto the broader spectrum of things; how long have you been practising your artistic skills?

Hmm, artistically...well, forever really. I just got serious about it a few years ago. Paintings with oils, large canvas sketches, etc. etc. Photoshop-wise, about a year and a half. With my recent Wacom tablet it's really improving fast, though.

Which piece of artwork was your first? Which are you most proud of at the moment?

My first piece of serious work was a large sketch of John Wayne. No link just yet. But my recent completed artwork was my digital painting of that woman.

We all know and love you for your digital art, but what made you stray away from this and have a go at working with other media, such as photography?

Well, I took a grade 11 and managed to take a grade 12 class regarding photography. I found it really interesting! I was planning to get a DSLR camera (which I do now) later this year, perhaps December. I met some cool people a few months back who brought the genre of photography to a whole new level. I was in awe, so I had to get the camera and start doing it! And to impress a certain someone, but I won't get into that. :P

If you submit anything to FPSBanana, we all know feedback isn't one of the best features of the website; even being enough to make some members leave us. What made you want to continue sharing your work with us instead of packing up your computer and selling it on eBay?

The blackhole. In all seriousness though, it was friends and my love for gaming; and I actually enjoyed hearing everyone's opinions. :D

People who talk to you on XFire at all should know that you're still at school. Although some may suggest against it, do you plan on making a career out of your talent?

I'm actually in grade 11 o.o. One more year still; this is my summer vacation. I don't plan to go to college until later in my life. I want to try my hand at a career in photography and arts; logo design and general design for one. Even wedding photography. I mean, I can make a bride turn from Shrek to Cinderella - that has got to be worth something!

Having learned a great deal from you myself, is there any advice you would give to someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Patience. For me that wasn't a problem because I don't leave my house very often. Yuss, I is loserz. But there were plenty of times I got frustrated and didn't want to work on a piece anymore. My plan of action was always to leave it 'till tomorrow. It works! Other tips:
  • Organized work space.
  • Clean destop screen.
  • No crap running in the bg.
  • Good postive mood. *VERY IMPORTANT

I know you write a lot of tutorials for the FPSBanana community. As someone with an obvious knack for all things artistic, do you personally like to follow tutorials?

I follow a lot of tutorials regarding the nature of a specific tool, my camera, etc. Not a lot of step-by-step art guides, though. My tutorials should be taken as a grain amongst the sand. Meaning, not to be followed directly.

Has there been anyone you’ve really had the pleasure to work with? Someone that at one point, when you first started, you only “dreamed” of working with? Maybe someone you looked up to?

Stag (art wise), TheDark (art wise), RedRouge (modeling), Tom, Botch. Millenia, the whole mod team, and a lot more. Off-site I'm still waiting for someone - but alas, that dream is a reality sitting in front of me that I'm too chicken to grab.

Looking to the future now, can you give us any hints as to which direction you'd like to take your work?

Another hand skin! The release of my new model. The hand skin would take the cake. Been a WIP for nearly a month, I just need to find time to do it.

How long do you think you'll be with FPSB? As long as members like Botch and Goerge? Or do you not see yourself in your twenties viewing FPSBanana?

I'll be here for years to come! I have no reason to ditch FPSB. Way too many pals on it, and way too many friends I have made over the year.

Aside from FPSBanana, you also show off your work on DeviantART. How does the difference between the two websites affect how you release your work?

Art on FPSB gets fanboyed really quickly. Art on DA gets the same crap "nice!" comments a lot, too. It ends up being that the people or certain person I want to view my art never does. Though DA has become a corporate showcase for me, too.

Just to sum things up, how would you feel doing another interview in a few years' time, when you've got even more experience under your belt?

I would love it! More experience does mean more in depth answers. :P > One final quote from NoiseLess himself: "Girls ruin everything, so don't let them give you opinions on your hobbies. =]" A taste of what NoiseLess can do. Internal Links: - NoiseLess's Profile - NoiseLess's Artemes Gloves - NoiseLess's 'The Potatomasher' External Links: - Digital Painting of Woman - Stalker Artwork - NoiseLess's deviantART


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