CompLexity Armageddon

As other movies done by Daniel "TFG" Frome, they have been nothing but entertainment. This movie does not lack any of it. The films starts off with the fast paced sound track of Batman Begins which adds a scary mood in the beginning and definitely keeps you glued to the movie. Many of you have probably seen Daniel's work and know that he does not do frag movies, which means that it is not about a clan getting "amazing" kills in the game. This film involves his machinima filming and a story of the team all in to one. It's almost like a bundle package. With years of experience, The_Family_God knows what he is doing and it's proven throughout the whole movie.

After the first couple of minutes, we get into the game play. It involves amazing effects, such as the thermal vision and shuddering camera, and I can tell you that you won't be disappointed. The movie is totally balanced. Each scene the movie gets into, it flows in correctly. As any Hollywood movies would have, the sounds and music would tell us what we would expect, and TFG has done just that with the film.

One of the most used effects was the "Bullet Time" phase. It's used throughout the film but it was used wisely. It may remind you of Max Payne, when you're in bullet time mode with the bullets striking the enemy from head to toe. These effects add something like a mask which makes the movie so entertaining.

The movie is different from any other Counter-Strike movie you would see out there. It's not all about those uber-leet kills. It's about a team that has strived from being almost last to one of the best out there. CompLexity Armageddon shows all of that and perfects it for the audience to view.


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