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    • Thief Review

      22 days ago
      • Excellent stealth mechanics
      • Good voice acting for the main storyline
      • Excellent world building and athmosphere
      • The game succeeds at making you feel like a proper thief
      • It has undeniable potential.
      • The story is bland, and very predictable
      • There are AI and sound bugs that can break the immersion completely
      • The game does not offer too much challenge, as it never pushes you from your comfort zone
      • The gameplay is not for everyone, and you may even find it monotonous

      There's money to be made in the shadows

    • Contrast

      1 month ago
      • Uniquely interactive style of storytelling.
      • Well written and strong characters.
      • Beautiful representation of mid 1920s.
      • Jazz background score compliments the dark setup.
      • Very short storyline.
      • Disappointing ending, to say the least.
      • Unrealistic and unreliable physics.
      • Camera is not properly locked.
      • The puzzles won’t make you scratch your head.
      • Few new elements are added throughout the game.
      • Requirement of light orbs to power mechanisms is annoying.

      A game of shadows with the utmost beauty

    • Loadout Review

      2 months ago
      • Big amount of customization, both in weaponry and characters
      • Unique art direction separates it from other games in its genre
      • Modified classic game modes like Capture the Hammer and Extraction make for an outstanding multiplayer experience
      • It's hard to make a gun that really stands out from the rest, making you rely too much on specific strategies for each weapon type
      • Replayability is not very high at the moment due to a lack of maps and the issues with guns, though there ARE plans for adding more content according to the developer
      • The humor, sadly, isn't for everyone.

      Check your mags and buckle up. This is a wild one.

    • Nidhogg

      2 months ago
      • Fast responsive combat
      • Great soundtrack
      • Local Multiplayer
      • Lack of maps
      • Lack of opponents online
      • Visuals can interfere with gameplay
      • Price

      A fast and deadly tug of war

    • Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs

      2 months ago
      • Great Story
      • Fantastic Soundtrack and game audio
      • More open environments
      • Creepy high resolution paintings
      • Dumbed down gameplay mechanics
      • Some textures could use work
      • Somewhat short
      • Relies on notes and journals to convey a lot of the story

      Does the newest instalment of Amnesia deliver the same sense of terror as its predecessor?

    • The Walking Dead: Season 2 (PC)

      2 months ago
      • Great ambient sounds.
      • Decent controls.
      • Art style allows characters to show more emotion.
      • Choices made in the previous game can effect your gameplay in this game.
      • More episodes to come.
      • Visuals don't really look any different from the previous game.
      • A lot of content is re-used from the previous game.
      • Minor bugs.
      • Input for certain actions can be buggy at times.
      • Episodes are rather short.
      • The game feels more like an expansion to the previous than an entirely new game.

      The sequel to Telltale Games's The Walking Dead, the game now follows Clementine. Will she survive, or will she parish in a world where survival means running faster than the guy next to you?

    • Left 4 Dead 2 (PC)

      4 months ago
      • Great environmental sounds
      • Decent gameplay
      • Great to play with friends or by yourself
      • Promotes teamwork
      • Several campaigns to play through
      • Difficulty is a bit more balanced than the previous game
      • More weapons and throw-able items to work with this time around
      • Melee weapons introduced
      • Custom levels supported
      • Character and weapon customization supported
      • Original campaigns from the first game are playable
      • Quick access to mods via the Steam Workshop
      • AI still manages to be buggy at times, albeit less-so than the previous game
      • The game can be a bit too easy from time to time because of how much more frequent the weapons seem to appear
      • Campaigns are still rather short
      • The ambience seems a bit off with the Southern-style musical score, slightly taking away from the atmosphere of the situation

      The succesor to Left 4 Dead, how will Valve's second take on the popular zombie apocalypse scenario fair against the previous? Let's find out!

    • Splinter Cell: Blacklist

      5 months ago
      • A great blend of older and newer SC gameplay.
      • 2v2 classic version similar to original Spies vs Mercs
      • Excellent graphics
      • Challenging gameplay
      • Suit Customization
      • Short Campaign
      • Strange framerate drops especially in VS multiplayer.
      • The new Spies vs Mercs multiplayer is not as good as the original
      • Bland multiplayer map design compared to the older titles.

      Does Blacklist return Sam to his former glory of sneaking around in the dark or is Splinter Cell doomed to become another generic third person shooter?

    • Left 4 Dead (PC)

      5 months ago
      • Great environmental sounds
      • Decent gameplay
      • Great to play with friends or by yourself
      • Promotes teamwork
      • Several campaigns to play through
      • Custom levels supported
      • AI can be buggy at times
      • Weapons and equipment are sometimes missing when it's needed the most
      • The game can be a bit too difficult at times for some players
      • Campaigns are rather short
      • Custom skins aren't supported without editing core files for the game, which breaks the custom skins with every update to the game

      In a zombie apocalypse, you have to work together to survive. This is Valve's first take on the popular scenario.

    • Infestation: Survivor Stories

      5 months ago
      • It could maybe be worse?
      • Bad audio
      • Horrible zombie path-finding AI
      • Empty buildings
      • No tutorial or introduction
      • Ugly animations
      • Endless money-begging
      • Pointless skill system
      • Lack of class choices
      • Boring Gameplay

      A rebranding of the infamous WarZ, Infestation: Survivor Stories fails, once again, to capture the spirit of the zombie survival genre.

    • Mars: War Logs

      7 months ago
      • Cutscenes
      • Very challenging
      • Generally fun combat
      • Cheesy dialogue
      • Graphical bugs
      • Rigid
      • Unpolished
      • Repetitive
      • Cheesy dialogue

      Mars: War Logs isn't exactly one for the logs (albeit, still worth a gander).

    • Arctic Combat

      8 months ago
      • Solid Multiplayer FPS Gameplay
      • Free-to-Play
      • Spawn Camping
      • Medium Grade Graphics
      • Some odd bugs
      • Call of Duty is just better

      If imitation is the best form of flattery, then it's a surprise that Call of Duty doesn't possess a permanent rosey blush.

    • Bioshock Infinite

      9 months ago
      • STUNNING visual design
      • Enjoyable gameplay
      • Elizabeth is a great character
      • Interesting and deep story
      • Well constructed and lively feeling world
      • Good length
      • Flawed execution and storytelling
      • Annoying revive system
      • Too easy even on the hardest difficulty

      Is the next Bioshock game "SHOCKINGLY" good, or does it have its head in the clouds?

    • Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm

      9 months ago
      • 64 players
      • Intense realistic multiplayer
      • Impressive visuals
      • Custom map support
      • Fun asymmetrical gameplay
      • High learning curve even for FPS players
      • Menu's could use work
      • Single player is simply multiplayer maps with bots

      Brutally realistic and unforgiving World War II combat.

    • StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

      9 months ago
      • Great continuation of the story
      • New multiplayer units freshen up the gameplay
      • Varied singleplayer missions keep things interesting
      • No significant graphical improvements over the original
      • High price tag for the amount of content provided

      If you like a challenge but aren't a masochist.

    • Blacklight Retribution

      12 months ago
      • Solid FPS mechanics
      • Lovely visuals
      • Lots of gear
      • Uninspired gametypes
      • Not much weapon variety despite unlocks
      • Permanent purchases are very expensive

      This free-to-play multiplayer FPS by Zombie Studios has guns galore but does it have what it takes to compete with today's multiplayer powerhouses?

    • SimCity

      1 year ago
      • Intuitive feel without simplifying.
      • Intensive customization.
      • Impeccable visuals.
      • The same magic we all know and love.
      • Multiplayer is nearly impossible to join.
      • Smaller cities.

      Is SimCity structurally sound like its predecessor, or does this town cry for its old mayor back?

    • Ace of Spades

      1 year ago
      • Innovative gameplay
      • Smooth controls
      • FUN
      • Bland textures
      • Average audio quality

      Shoot, dig, or explode your enemies with a varied arsenal and multiple classes in this Minecraft style shooter.

    • Retrovirus

      1 year ago
      • Interesting take on game environment.
      • In-depth customization.
      • Controls for the most part feel smooth.
      • Storyline grows old fast.
      • Very little need to use customization.
      • Side quests feel pointless.
      • In need of a good tutorial.

      A six-axis virus hunter, simple but perhaps not sweet.

    • Antichamber

      1 year ago
      • Puzzles are enjoyable and challenging
      • Immersive atmosphere
      • Fascinating art style
      • Great sound design
      • Incredible non-euclidean level design
      • Limited options menu for graphics
      • Lack of anti-aliasing
      • Cannot rebind keys

      Some puzzles seem so complex but are actually so simple, leading you to overthink them when the answer is right in front of you.