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Born in London in 1992, Mini is currently the Community Manager for MachineFloor.

As an avid PC gamer, Mini enjoys games such as Minecraft, Starcraft, and pretty much every Valve game. As an admin, Mini likes to perform his duties curled up in a duvet with a nice cup of tea.

And if you hadn't already guessed, Mini is very bad at writing biographies about himself. Especially if they are in third person.


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I'm more than happy to help on issues, HOWEVER if it is a moderation issue, please use the SUPPORT TICKETS. For unwithholds please leave a message on the Unwithhold page ON the submission itself when you've made changes. Read THIS WIKI for more information. Do not post here asking for me to withhold, unwithhold or trash something; That's not what my profile is for. If you fail to read this and post on my profile asking for help for a moderation issue instead of making a support ticket, the response time will be much slower.



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