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GameBanana Moderation Initiative

An Initiative

Staff involved in the moderation of site content.

In general, moderators ensure each section runs smoothly. The individual tasks may include:

  • Appealing unfair assessments;
  • Removing frivolous appeals;
  • Changing ownership of submissions;
  • Fixing errors in submissions, such as HTML or spelling mistakes;
  • Trashing illegal or copyright infringing submissions if CSA is incapable of doing it;
  • Awarding exemplary feedback;
  • Withholding or trashing poor feedback, abusive posts or any posts lacking effort;
  • Adding or recommending critics.
natko Administrator January 2010 Edit Trash
Mini General Manager September 2009 Edit Trash
Logan Dougall Administrator January 2007 Edit Trash
Ganryu Community Administrator May 2015 Edit Trash
AoM Administrator August 2017 Edit Trash
robin Senior Moderator May 2011 Edit Trash
will2k Head Maps Moderator Inactive Edit Trash
Unkn0wn Tools Moderator Inactive Edit Trash
Rafael De Jongh Head Skins Moderator May 2013 Edit Trash
Squeezit Head Graphics Moderator Inactive Edit Trash
Danial Zahid The "One" and "Only" November 2018 Edit Trash
Decemberklar Games/Forums Moderator January 2016 Edit Trash
Millenia Skins Moderator Inactive Edit Trash
Devieus Head Readables Moderator July 2013 Edit Trash
Blur. Skins Moderator Inactive Edit Trash
Strelok Sounds Moderator October 2013 Edit Trash
Corvalho Skin Moderator June 2014 Edit Trash
4Echo Skin Moderator February 2015 Edit Trash
Yogensia Skin & Features Moderator February 2015 Edit Trash
wohSiesta 2D Art Moderator January 2016 Edit Trash
Sneaky.amxx Moderator of Many Sections August 2015 Edit Trash
Segtendo Wii U Sound Moderator November 2016 Edit Trash
krakelak Smash Moderator May 2017 Edit Trash


Mission Statement
Oversee site content.
  1. Increase support ticket response rate by 20%
Completion Date
December 12th, 2013