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A Big Ball that likes to squish people, and a goal for each team. Get the ball into the opposing teams goal. Simple.


In a number of ways:

>Shoot It.
>Push it with the gravgun
>Pull it with the gravgun (serverside option, not all servers allow this)

Things You Should Know

>On some servers, weapons cannot hurt other players. This is another serverside option. You can spot the people how haven't read this. They are the ones who are desperately trying to shoot you, failing, and then calling you a cheat. We suggest you stroll on over, and smash their little heads in with anything you can find lying around. Physics kills ALWAYS work :)

>Some servers allow damage from weapons, some dont. Some allow damage from the crowbar and stunstick, some dont.

>The force with which you can Pull the ball with the gravgun is a serverside option. It may be greater on some. It's also very easy to kill yourself if your not careful. You cannot pick up the ball, so it keeps going and flattens you instead.

>One of the balls, The Eye, isn't affected by the gravgun. Well, maybe a little bit, depending on the server.


I was bored. And then, other bored people decided to help.

Want to help?

If your bored and want to help, then register on the website, and get automatic access to the development forums. We have no official members, so anyone can take part in the mapping and modelling. If you fancy mapping for us, just submit a map. If its good, it will be in the next release. Either way, come and have a chat!


Team Leader, Coder, Mapper, Modeller, Everthing: Retardo
Coders: Retardo, DWD
Mappers: Retardo, Born2Lag, Leopard, Phatsniper
Mappers with yet to be released maps: Flazz, Weclock
Modellers: Retardo, Flazz and Born2Lag had a go, but its not in the release yet.


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    3 years ago:
    Holy shit this been here awhile without a comment, give a video or a image so i can see it.
    Pootis is gottam?


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Date Added
9 years ago
Dec 22 2007 @ 10:54pm UTC
Date Modified
4 years ago
Mar 8 2013 @ 4:36pm UTC
Date Updated
9 years ago
Dec 22 2007 @ 10:54pm UTC


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