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    This is a bad map because Zombie doesn't have a chance agains Human when they shot .

    Look here :

    And the second thing is that the Helicopter has bug. And more things you can see in the video.
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    It's looks like rayshud...
    That fonts, and ammo numbers color...
  • Posted by Xuman

    Or having baby dk instead of jr on the front. KnowYourKongs
    Sorry about that, I just found that picture on google.
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    The One Of Wonders
    Distorted Arrows
    Posted by Sushininja05

    Posted by Rexen

    Actually this skin belongs in the Gun Mettle Category. Also for the credits its best to state what yo actually did. Like did you make the texture or did somelse and you made it work for tf2?

    Theres a gun mettle catagory?!

    Also, i made everything myself.

    I moved the category for you to prevent you getting flags.
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    Brawl or Melee
    In the end do both, but of course go in order
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    Pink and Green Samus
    Awesome.  :)
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    I really like your custom animations, it would be even better if there was a FOV 75-90 fix for all the classes as a lot of people play at those FOV values. Sniper currently only has the FOV 54 animations.

    Also, it would be nice to be able to use older animation styles (which would be fixed) as I prefer the older Scout animations and the shotgun animations for Soldier which should also be used for the other classes that use shotgun animations. Here are the previous animations:

    Scout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvEvtuKEG8g

    Soldier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5ryGkMrdD4
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    Agnès Oblige
    AMAZING!! Keep up the good work :D!!
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    Posted by Epicwazy

    Posted by MegaAccf

    Wasn't this finished before? I see those in game screenshots of the Masked Man for Lucas. 

    It was, but barely. I had to do many changes to make it a Smash 4-like mod but it was too advance for me.

    Oh. So it doesn't look like it was from Smash 4. I understand. May I have that version instead? Reality I don't mind if it doesn't look Smash 4 material, I just want the character/skin lol. 

    PM me tomorrow and i'll send it to you.
    Could I get the files as well?
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    Dark Suit Samus
    I love this Mod to bits! The Dark Suit in the Prime Trilogy is No.1!
    However, Is there any possibility of a version without the Gravity Boost on her back?
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    How to Make a Custom Title Screen!
    Posted by ModernYasha

    Sorry, ONE more question. When I import the background file into the game and load it, it does this weird thing where the image splits in half and the bottom part is on the top. This ever happen to you?
    Did you save it as DXT5? If it's saved as something different, like DTX3 or something, the game can go all wonky when it loads it.
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    CSP Pack
    Posted by exnecross

    They look pretty clean. Pink Sheik is a little bit bright though. Looks like you did linear burn instead of color burn for her? Just curious.
    Well I used paint.net but yes, her headwrap especially was too bright, I actually fixed that already. Was gonna update this eventually 
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    Knuckle Crossfire
    its awesome bro
  • I'm sorry that douche Jesse talked you into taking it down. I've been using it and I think it's great and look forward to the final product. In going to attempt to do a sound mod for this if I can figure it out. 
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    Madness M3
    I found the credits
    Eichler69 & Biohazard = model/animation/textures

    all the original information can be found here
  • Hi, I have a huge problem with the hexagonal portraits ATM.

    I've used these portaits for awhile now, but now there is squares (Was that typed right?) around the portraits and it really frustrates me that there is red and blue (probably same with yellow and green) squares around the hexagonal portraits and it really doesn't look as cool as they are supposed to look like. Can somebody help me fix this? (And no I can't re install the portraits because I got other battle portaits too that I don't know where is placed. I have these hexagonal portraits on all my characters).
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    M3 w/ Torch
    Hell yes.
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    SNES Onett
    This is absolutely phenomenal. You're doing God's work. 
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    Bunny hop script
    Posted by Eggamer

    Im need help It tells me access is denied
    you can paste it in console,sorry for long waiting for answer
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    "when captain america throws his mighty shie-"
    :Gets broken from shots: