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  • Will you wait with the release until it is 100% finished or are you planning to release it a bit earlier?

    However, I can not wait for its release, it looks so nice. great job!
  • 8 mins agoby DOOMBASED in
    Master Sword (Zelda)
  • 10 mins agoby youthfive avatar
    CS:GO Galil AR HD
    Posted by hellmonja

    Any chance for an unsilenced version?...
    Unsil version and PeeWees are ready, but I can't upload it yet due to data limit D:
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    Oldies Reborn Weapon Pack
    Ahh nostalgia

    Looking nice mate.
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    Red Death Skull
    Red Death Skull
    another pro screenshot :)
  • 14 mins agoby Izayoi in
    Melee HD
    Can you make marth dair spike with the hole sword? it just feels a lot harder(a lot) to do the ken combo from melee, if you think that making the spike hit with the hole sword is too strong or op, you could make the hitbox be a little bit bigger so that it doesn't just spike with the tipper.

    because in melee you just needed to touch them with the tipper and the sword was kind of smaller so it was easier to do, here the sword is bigger and harder.
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    Beta Guns (Two versions)
    Please help, how to install this textures?

  • 31 mins agoby XPawlex in
    Trailer Portals (vines)
    How to install this? Please help.
  • 32 mins agoby Magic Man avatar
    Magic Man
    hi there mate. sorry for late accept at bud request :( btw thanky for teh add 
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    Posted by Elzy

    Look I don't have time for you. and all you are trying to do is make me look bad cause I deleted 1 map cause it had fps problems not negative feedback so please .... Fuck off :).

    And if you say "then what was with the Russian hate speech about you getting bad reviews" ya I was a little mad cause I put a lot of time in to the map but I still could not give any fucks. I don't do this for the reviews... I Make maps so people can enjoy them... Now piss off.

    If you think I'm trying to "make you look bad", it's only because you're so worried about looking good. I don't care either way. I just don't like dishonesty.

    That's why you got all flustered over 5/10 rating on your latest map. Because you got scared and angry, and wanted to hide it all. Not because of FPS. If you truly cared about FPS issues, you would remove it from Steam workshop, too.

    The only one you're deceiving here about your motives is yourself. You make maps primarily to be praised. And looks like you'll never accept that "a lot of time in to the map" could've been wasted by mistake. You'd rather lash out and trashtalk people, shifting the blame.
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    woa 4 years
  • 36 mins agoby EwaZor in
    Clearer Skin for Steam
    >Low-Quality Minecraft Wallpaper
    >FNaF World Pinned to Toolbar
    >Skin Colors make my eyes bleed

    You, my good friend, deserve a gold medal.
  • 42 mins agoby Karti in
    CSGO - AK47 Set
    i wish stuff like that still could work in the game :<

    fuck the skins, fuck the gloves or knifes... all i want are custom animations :<
  • 46 mins agoby phreeghow in
    I wonder if map was successfull?

  • 48 mins agoby Capp avatar
    I think it should more look like this:

  • Can't figure out how to rate, but this pack is amazing! Best overall mod pack if your going  for skins. I combined it with a sound pack also. Hope this pack gets updated once in a while to fill it out even more good work 10/10
  • 1 hour agoby Skrip*** in
    Utility Base

    Thanks, guys. Dino Mod(Description)
    Is expected to make a 4-5 game modes with dinosaurs. 

    The first mode — Escape. Main mode.

    The second mode — Get To The Helicopter(Chopper). 

    The third mode — Stealing eggs.

     A fourth mode — DM.

    Fifth — Survival(just Dinosaurs)

    Description of modes:

    Mode Escape — main. The game involved two teams - a team of humans and team of dinosaurs. In the first round, the Terrorists begin to play for the dinosaurs, and the special Forces take the side of people, killing a lot of dinosaurs , people have to run to the extraction point. In the second round, the sides switch places. For each escape people will be awarded from 5 to 10 points, depending on the number of shoots in one life. For killing the dinosaurs no points. The task of the dinosaur is to prevent people to escape. If within 30 seconds no survivors managed to run to the extraction point, the raptors receive 5 points. For killing a man gets 1 point. In the case that a team of dinosaurs for a long time kept the defense and not allowed to escape people, the reward for killing increases, increasing the chances of winning.

    Mode Get To The Helicopter. Here the task of each team is fundamentally different. People need to get from point "A", step by step capturing of the stages (to send a distress signal to open fuel valve, etc.) and then defend the landing pad for as long as the helicopter is ready for takeoff. A team of dinosaurs must prevent the capture points and not to let people evacuate.

    Mode Steal Dinosaur Eggs. This is very different from the other three game mode, in which the task is to steal eggs from the nests of dinosaurs. For the opposing team – the protection of nests and search for "thieves". To successfully steal the egg, it is necessary not only to steal from nests, but also to convey to the protected perimeter. But it is a very difficult task. In this mode, as in no other, an important element of the concealed promotion.
  • 1 hour agoby Armael in
    M4A1 Laserdot
    The laser just abruptly ends, you could make it fade out by making the texture become gradually black and then making its texture additive 
  • Posted by Kenneraeye

    nice! love it

    thanks. I know alot of people don't like lyrics of rap songs, so I just chose the instrumental since it still remains hype haha