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Underwater Mystery Winners

DE_Atlantis 1st Place
Hugely detailed, full of unique features and custom content - a tremendous effort resulting in a truly great map!
gg_underwater_station 2nd Place
Good use of lighting creating a sinister underwater complex. Fits the contest theme well. Good work
ka_underwater_discovery 3rd Place
Cavernous displacements and eeriee lighting create an interesting underwater feel that is mysterious but at times claustrophobic and spooky.
de_underwater_v1 4th Place
Well balanced and a nice clean look. More detail and attention to lighting would have helped.


1st Prize:
$70 cash + Ripe3
2nd Prize:
$50 cash + Ripe2
3rd Prize:
$25 cash + Ripe1
4th Prize:
$15 cash
5th Prize:
$10 cash
6th Prize:
$5 cash