Underwater Mystery Winners

A Contest for GameBanana

EntryJudgement 1st Place
Hugely detailed, full of unique features and custom content - a tremendous effort resulting in a truly great map!
2nd Place
Good use of lighting creating a sinister underwater complex. Fits the contest theme well. Good work
3rd Place
Cavernous displacements and eeriee lighting create an interesting underwater feel that is mysterious but at times claustrophobic and spooky.
4th Place
Well balanced and a nice clean look. More detail and attention to lighting would have helped.


1st Prize:
$70 cash + Ripe3
2nd Prize:
$50 cash + Ripe2
3rd Prize:
$25 cash + Ripe1
4th Prize:
$15 cash
5th Prize:
$10 cash
6th Prize:
$5 cash
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