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    • Game file

      A mod or conversion

    • GUI

      A menu interface or in-game HUD

    • Map

      A playable game environment

    • Script

      Code to automate gameplay

    • Skin

      A game character, weapon or item

    • Sound

      A weapon, item or map sound or voice

    • Spray

      Digital graffiti for a Half-Life/Source game

    • Sprite

      A muzzle flash, scope or particle effect

    • Tool

      A modding or customization application

    • Crafting

      A crafting game creation



    • Article

      Special format content

    • Blog

      Anything you want to write about!

    • Idea

      A suggestion or complaint

    • Poll

      A question to pose to the community

    • Thread

      A forum discussion

    • Tutorial

      A guide to customization or modding

    • Wiki

      An information page


    • Club

      A social group with a common interest

    • Studio

      A design team



    • Mirror

      A file download mirror

    • Module

      A custom profile module

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