What do you want to submit?


  • Crafting
    Crafting game creations.
  • Game file
    Mods and conversions.
  • GUI
    Menu interfaces and in-game HUDs.
  • Map
    Playable game environments.
  • Script
    Code to automate gameplay.
  • Skin
    Game characters, weapons and items.
  • Sound
    Weapon, item and map sounds and voices.
  • Spray
    Digital graffiti for a Half-Life/Source games.
  • Sprite
    Muzzle flashes, scopes and particle effects.
  • Tool
    Modding and game-related applications for Windows.



  • Article
    Special format content.
  • Blog
    Anything you want to write about.
  • Club
    Social groups with common interests.
  • Event
    Organized occasions.
  • Idea
    Suggestions and complaints.
  • Module
    Custom profile modules.
  • News
    Industry and site news.
  • Poll
    Questions to pose to the community.
  • Review
    Game, mod and hardware reviews.
  • Status Update
    A brief announcement to buddies.
  • Thread
    Forum discussions.
  • Wiki
    Information pages.
  • Ware
    Products and services for sale.


  • Game
    Standalone PC games.