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Enhanced Building Giblets (Mod Compatible) - A Work In Progress for Team Fortress 2

Progress Report

On Hold at 25% completion


Sentry Gun Damage 3mo
  • Addition Added detail overlays for damage to the LVL 1 giblets.
  • Addition Added detail overlays for damage to the LVL 2 giblets.
Using the same method for my player giblet overhaul, I've added damage overlays onto the giblets for the level 1 and 2 Sentry gun giblets. This method will apply this damage texture on top of what ever Sentry gun textures you happen to be using.
Converts building giblets to the retail UV chart for their non-destroyed counterparts. This has the side effect of making them mod compatible. I'm also restoring missing details, and correcting UV charting mistakes left over from VALVe such as skewed vertices on the UV or misaligned charting.

Besides charting to the non-destroyed UV the following changes have been made;

Added the nob and LED light to the front panel of the LVL 2 giblets.

Added the nob, LED light, and the extra mini panel affixed the front panel of the LVL 3 giblets.

Repositioned some of the wires hanging out of the LVL 3 giblets to fit around the addition of the extra panel.

Separated all the destroyed bits into their own sheet for all three levels to pull from. (sentry_gibsheet.vmt)

Created damage textures to be overlaid on top of the giblets so they don't look pristine post destruction.

Removed sharp edges on the loose wires hanging off the giblets. (Light should wrap around wires smoothly now rather than transitioning from flat faces adjacent to each other like a box)

Re-oriented barrel muzzles of the LVL 2 back into their correct positions on the giblets.

Re-located the illumination origins so the giblets wont turn dark when laying on the ground at certain angles.
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