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FNF Retrospecter Remixes Pack - A Work In Progress for Friday Night Funkin'.

Progress Report


A mod with lot of remixes to play! Can you beat them all?

Well, if you've played Friday Night Funkin' mods, you've probably played a mod from one of Retrospecter's remixes, and really, the remixes are pretty good.

But I've been wanting to make a mod for a while, but I don't know how to make sprites, I don't know how to make music, and I barely know how to program, so I tried to make a simpler mod that just makes Retrospecter remixes playable.

I already know there are millions of mods that do this, but I wanted to do it my own, my own way.

I tried to add several things to the mod, like:

• Health Drain
• Recolours
• Winning Icons
• Gameplay changes according to difficulty
• Tankman and etc.

Also this mod uses the Kade Engine as the basis for everything, so the mod will automatically have:

• More informations during the gameplay
• Fully customizable keybinds
• More FPS cap
• New and old input
• Now CPU strums lights up when a note hits it
• Replays
• Info screen after a song
• Bot mode.

But what will make this mod different is something called "Modcharts".

"Modcharts" are Kade Engine features that allow you to put cool and crazy effects during the song, and few mods have this feature, so I decided to add it to ALL songs, some being cooler effects, others being effects to make gameplay more difficult.

The mod may look simple, but I'm doing it with a lot of love and I'm trying to make the most of it!

As you've already seen, this mod isn't ready yet. Almost all songs are playable and have their "Modcharts".

At the beginning, the mod will have ALL the remixes of Friday Night Funkin' vanilla songs, and as time goes on, more songs will be added, even if they're already playable.

And this mod also uses somethings from the Friday Night Funkin' Vibin mod. Go to the mod page and support them!

Well, I think that's it for now!
And thanks for checking out the mod page! :)

Epilepsy Warning: This mod contains fast flashing images. It may cause discomfort and trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

Warning: This mod contains stuff from week 7, but NOTHING of this is official. The mod is not about week 7, and my intention is not to give week 7 to everyone! So please don't trash this mod due to WareZ!