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PS3 SA2B Modding

A Work In Progress for Sonic Adventure 2

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Progress Report

In Development - 0% finished


PS3 .NET Lib and EBOOT.BIN 27d
  • Suggestion The PS3 .NET lib might be able to run C# to run a loader and EBOOT.BIN edits might have a similar effect
PS3 .NET Lib might allow .DLL files to run which might allow for a type of mod loader
IO was removed from the PS3 .NET lib in the last update but appears to be capable of memory edits still and can attach to functions
I'm not good at C# at all so I might try to learn more but chances are I'm just going to mess with the EBOOT.BIN to try to do basic memory edits at the Games boot to allow custom player physics.
Model Swapping/Replacing 28d Adjustment

PS3 SA2B Modding

I have looked every where on the internet for information on how to do this but gave up and made my own attempts.
I am using the sa2blazymix11 mod to replace all of Sonic's assets, I have managed to replace menu graphics, character color/textures and sound but I'm stuck on replacing Sonic's model.
I thought I had animations working but it froze when loading level one with it

I have tried like crazy to build the mdl files I need from sa2blazymix11's sonicmdl folder but buildMDL.exe won't work/I'm not sure on how to use it and Sega's prs tool hasn't really helped me out that much either and I don't really know what to do from here so if anyone can help that would be awesome.
(Also the PS3 Sonic model is sonicmdl.prs just like the PC)

P.S. Im a little new to modding SA2B but I have worked with getting PC mods to run on some PS3 games, also anyone who wants to try will need CFW or HEN on their PS3
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    Shadow Side Joined 2y ago
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    The model is possible but the textures are always blue. I tried Luigi mod by EXCALIBUR and Speedy Eggman by End User and this happened

    Good luck
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  • Srb2_SuperSonic avatar
    Srb2_SuperSonic Joined 1y ago
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    This is really awesome. keep up the great work! i can't wait on what might come next.
    Super Hedgehog
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    ScratchFan2016 Joined 27d ago
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    Why You Want To Mod a PS3 Game
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  • SGTxKITKAT avatar
    SGTxKITKAT Joined 30d ago
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    Here's an in game picture of what I got working so far and sorry it's side ways but that's just something my phone does
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    For the GC/PC version (no idea if the PS3 is the same but it probably is), you need to use buildMDL like this: buildMDL.exe /be "Path to folder.prs"
    You should be aware though that many mods simply will not work on PS3 because they rely on code edits. Pretty much any mod that comes with a DLL file.
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    insoul_xiii Joined 1y ago
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    YESSSSS yessss...
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    access_time 30d
    so basically you're trying to port my blaze mod in the PS3, right?
    Modder since MKWii
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SGTxKITKAT Joined 30d ago
137 points Ranked 62211th
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In Development



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