Best friends (JOKE CT SKIN PACK)

A Work In Progress for Counter-Strike 1.6

NSFW Warning

Warning! This WiP is 18+ and Not Safe For Work. If you're at work, showing grandpa your favorite mods or under 18, leave now.

Progress Report



SHIT IS HERE! =) 14d
  • - New GSG9 replacer - Dirty Harry!
  • - New salto animation for jump!
  • - Super toilet making war =)
MUUUUU-DAK added =) 14d
Finally I got to player skins and now I'm doing crazy CT player skins based on EXPLOADING HEADS models. (T joke player skins would be made with it either)

First one on screenshots is greatest and mightiest DILDON! Master of secret penetration into enemy's rear positions. His favourite weapon is Dick Vader, obviously =)

What's been done:

- Deleted hands and right leg - replaced with monster dicks;
- Added a beard of bollocks;
- Altered run animation - added jumping after stepping on with dick-leg;
- Altered walk animation - added rotation of right hand and penetrative moves back/forward for left one;
- Custom texture with DILDON name, fashion pink glasses, and other things;

Second player skin is devil duck - horrible Lucifer! Quack-Quack, b#tches =)

What's done:

- Devil duck model poly-optimized;
- Replaced the SAS model with duck;
- Exploding brains increased in size 350%, so lots of brains would fly out when head shooting =);

Meet new GIGN joke model replacement - angry and vengeful MUUUUU-DAK!

What's done:

- Re-shapped legs into hoofs;
- Added horns;
- Texture altered with mask, logos and other stuff;
- MAIN: altered animations - running into improvised deer ride + synchronized horns' moves during head exploding death animations with its falling, and jumping afterwards;

Finally - meet full of pus poisonous piece of shit - DIRTY HARRY!

What's done:

- New watercloset model ported and integrated with GSG9 skin player model;
- All GSG9 body deleted, only hands and explodable brains left;
- Altered JUMP animations: Dirty Harry makes back salto instead of usual jump!


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