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A Work In Progress for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Progress Report

В разработке - 0% finished
Hello, welcome to my new workshop page. I am new to this whole super smash brothers modding scene and am using knowledge based on modding steam games along with tutorials here on game banana. I'm excited to bring mods to this community and learn from other peoples mods. 

Current Project:
Octane over Little Mac
I am just barely beginning in this one, Its the one i'm using to learn the whole modding process.
I still have to finish rigging, work on maps, convert files, compress files, etc.

I Plan on putting his Gold Rush costume over Giga Mac and have Bloodhound over Doc (might have to wait for SaltyNX to release for those though)

Future Ideas:

Soldier (TF2) over Snake
Endeavor (MHA) over Incineroar


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Development State
В разработке



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