BMS Spas-12 Shotgun (HQ) (WIP)

A Work In Progress for Half-Life

Progress Report



[Status Update] 1mo
  • - [Status Update]

The main archive is ready!

Other archives to be updated are ready.

Screenshots are ready!

Render is ready!

The Video is ready!

Black Mesa:Source Shotgun (HQ) model for Half-Life 1!

Model Shared!
Check it out!

[NEW WIP SS FEATURE: "Chopping Texture" Status]

From now on, you can see how many parts are left in the main texture (until it completed and removed from the submission).

Chopping Status: 100%
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    I'd mark mine obsolete when this comes out. Great work m8! :D
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    I see that you're making the Spas-12 now. That's nice :ok_hand:
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    alright. take your time
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