[WIP] My Smash Ultimate Mods

A Work In Progress for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Progress Report

In Development - 10% finished


Update #3 25d
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So yeah. I'm going to mod Smash Ultimate. Now that I have a bigger microsd card and a modded Switch, I can try out modding Smash Ultimate. Way before the game's release, I've made some concept renders of the characters I want to make. Two of which are in development and an upcoming model import on the works(ported from the 3DS version). Without further ado, here are some mods that I'm working on!

A - Complete
A - In Development
A - Discontinue
NOTE: These mods will probably release once SaltyNX is out.

(Before asking wtf is SaltyNX for newcomers, it's basically SaltySD for the Switch that load mods without rebuild a 14GB Data.arc. It's not yet done. So just wait)
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    Wait, we can get DLC on our modded Switchs? I'd figure they'd snipe you the moment you touch the eShop! You know, since you want to mod Piranha Plant and all.
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