HL2 Reanimation

A Work In Progress for Half-Life 2

Progress Report

In Development - 10% finished
So I've been working on this project for like 5 days and it's already boring me.

The goal is to reanimate the HL2 weapons without altering the experience of the game using a higher poly hands rig. Also I'll try to fix the missing faces from the right side of the weapons (I tried with the pistol and I can't get it to work but I'll find a way eventually).

The arms' texture is placeholder, all credits to https://gamebanana.com/models/3143 for the rig and thanez for the mesh.

Also I'd like help on this one cause i'm a total noob at animating,modeling and texturing, just pm me if you want.

UPDATE 1: Added a gif lmao it's horrible and at 15 fps, but you can see that I retained the hl2 original animation style (and i broke shell ejection on a fixed compile i did months ago, i suck)
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Development State
In Development


Software Used
3D Studio Max
3D Animation


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