Counter-Strike 1.6 Launcher

A Work In Progress for Counter-Strike 1.6

Progress Report



  • Addition On every watch demo execution, the player stats change by +1
Watch Demos now interacts with Player Stats 22d
  • Addition No remote clients should ever be able to access CSLauncher within localhost scope. We make a check on every request, making sure the IP Address matches the one that's defined.
Added Client IP Validation 22d

This is the Counter-Strike 1.6 Launcher I'm building using HTML/CSS & PHP.
It's this sort of a PHP Desktop App, I think it will come handy for many people, it has the following options:

Settings - Change how game starts ( Add launch parameters )
Configuration - Modify configuration files ( Modify CFG files )
Launcher Settings - Change launcher minor settings ( Display Welcome message)
Watch Demos - Re-experience past matches ( Watch recorded demos )
Open CSTRIKE - Go here if you want to add mods ( Opens CSTRIKE folder )
Console Log - Read the game console log ( Reads from qconsole.log )
Player Stats - How many times you've opened Counter-Strike ( Self explanatory )
Player Settings - Change user defined settings ( Nickname )
Clean Game Files - Gets rid of demos and screenshots ( Self explanatory )

All of this is accomplished using HTML, CSS, PHP and most importantly MSIE (HTA) based on Internet Explorer 10

Why Internet Explorer 10? Because it's the first version to support Materialize CSS which is an awesome CSS Framework that tries to bring Google Material Design to Web Developers.

Also the reason I chose HTA is because it opens up instantly, though a tutorial on how to set up the launcher in Google Chrome will be available after the release.
If you have any feature suggestion, please write below!

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