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Celica: Zofian Princess

A Work In Progress for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Progress Report

In Development - 40% finished


New Stuff
  • Addition SWG Bones Added overall
  • Addition Sheathe Added
  • Adjustment Fixed lots of Materials
Please answer the question in the description, Thanks in advance.
SWG Bones
  • Addition SWG Bones have been added for the dress, as well as some material changes
UPADTE 6/3 - New Stuff

*SWG Bones added

SWG Bones have been added where needed, however, there is still going to be some clipping. Small in most areas, but noticable with the flap. 

*Fixed Materials
Face and Hair now look pretty good, hair is a little too shiny and will be fixed.

*Added Sheathe
She now has her Sheathe as needed, Works rather well but clips slightly.

So now for some questions

1.) Should I shorten up the dress in order to avoid the most amount of clipping possible?
2.) What Alt. Colors would you like to see? I already have a few ideas, but I want to see what you all are thinking.
3.) Is the rig (Primarily the dress)  good now?
4.) Does anyone know what those black triangles are? They don't show up in max but do in Noesis, Blender, and Forge.

UPADTE 5/30 - SWG Bones

Added SWG bones for her dress, still needed for front flap though. Reduces clipping for area effected. Please tell me If there are still problems outside of the foot.
UPDATE 5/27 - First Update

*Materials are way better, not perfect, but better than blinding light.

The hair and skin were primarily awful, and the dress had something to be desired. Now the dress is basically done (Needs small tweaking), and the skin/hair is better.

*Was able to edit the .sb in order to prevent some clipping, as well as fixed up the rig.

I tried editing the vbn in order to include a "shit" bone in order to avoid the foot clipping, but the cape got as if I didn't rig it and it still didn't fix the issue, so I more than likely won't add any bones, with sb editing, I should be able to keep clipping to a minimum, and It (hopefully) won't be noticed in play. The front flap needs more work.

*Teaser for final - New Mask (Currently Not Included)

She will get her brothers mask as part of her taunt/intro, just something fun I wanted to include to make things more like Celica rather than Lucina. If anyone knows how I could get the mask to only go over one slot/different slots, please tell me, as right now it's on all slots.

What I have done for Celica so far. Has Lady Blade currently but will include BZ in final as well. Not much done, and I need opinions on what to do with her skirt. It hangs down and is constantly clipping. Should I keep it static and minimize clipping, or do I try my best to get it to move with noticable stretching and some clipping?



  • 30d
    Awwh! It's so nice to see Celica in this; she looks cute.

    I was hoping to do something like that, but with female Robin instead, after playing SoV.

    Can't wait to see the final version!
  • 2mo
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    I’d suggest adding swg bones for her skirt thingy whatever it’s called, as well for the front section of her hair. That way it can move/flow independently without the clipping
    Modding can be fun too
  • 2mo
    GrimNaga avatar
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    It’s a pretty good start I’d say, but it may be easier to rig her over Female Robin because:
    a.) F!Robin has the physic bones for Celica’s hair, like the part that comes down the side
    b.) She has the physic bones for the dress/skirt thing, and you could rip the cape to that as well i guess
    c.) she uses sword AND tome like Celica does in Echoes.
    But if you can manage to make it so that both the cape and skirt have physic bones while she’s over Lucina, I’m sure it’d be just as great! Let everyone know if you need any help, I’m more than happy to help the best way i can
  • 2mo
    You know its best to keep or give the bones on the skirt but yeah at least minimize the clipping just to not be bothersome because static just makes it look like shorts. Also give her panties for details please. : )


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