A gang of Black Mesa themed maps

A Work In Progress for Counter-Strike 1.6

Progress Report



  • Addition DE_fanatic is finished and 11 images were added
"Fanatic" is ready 8mo
  • Improvement Development of CS_auspices and CS_brutal has finished. Brutal's "underpass" has less obstacles, now it is easier to travel; more lights were added.
  • Addition .txt files for all maps are ready
4 out of 6 ! 8mo
Hello there!
This is what I have been working in for a while, some old looking maps I want you to see. The main things I had in mind while making these maps are:

-Balance: most of these maps are "cs_", and there are very few balanced official cs_ maps, I only play cs_office, cs_estate and cs_havana. Most cs_ maps are T sided, I mean most maps have hostages inside of a room with few ways for CTs to get in, so Ts just camp there and kill CTs one by one when they enter in that room. These maps are perfectly balanced, it was something hard to achieve but I finally have two perfectly balanced cs_ maps that I always play and enjoy.

-Bot Navigation: I'm bad at CS so I play with bots, they don't rage at me q: I always make sure bots work as intended in every map I play, and my maps are not an exception. cs_auspices is a remake of cs_assault, and we know how frustrating is to play with bots on cs_assault, they get stuck, they jump to death... I have been trying to fix all of those problems while developing cs_auspices and now I have a good cs_assault remake to play with bots (:

-Low Resources: my maps don't require you to download additional textures, models, sprites... and none of my maps will mess up your game files with custom textures or models. I only use official textures that are already present in the game. I know that most of you will say "hey, it ain't 1999 anymore...", well... this is how I do, I like old looking maps, and I'm not that skilled at mapping so again this is how I do.

These are the maps I'm going to release very soon:

Power Up - Deathmatch
Map: aim_powerup
Spawns: 24
Status: Finished

Auspices (Assault Remake) - Hostage Rescue
Map: cs_auspices
Spawns: 32
Status: Finished

Crates - Hostage Rescue
Map: cs_crates
Spawns: 32
Status: Finished

Brutal - Hostage Rescue
Map: cs_brutal
Spawns: 32
Status: Finished

Dagger (Compound Remake) - Hostage Rescue
Map: cs_dagger
Spawns: 32
Status: Applying aesthetic changes

Fanatic (Cartelbse Remake) - Bomb/Defuse
Map: de_fanatic
Spawns: 32
Status: Finished

I almost got this, Dagger needs serious aesthetic changes but it is the only thing to do, so... expect a release in the next days.
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