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On January 9th, 2013; Blue Core Studio presented us their Fan/Spec Film of "SONIC", a Sonic the Hedgehog Movie. The film served as a prequel to the original 1991 classic with various new elements integrated from all of the known Sonic the Hedgehog mythologies. The film aimed to establish a revised story; similarly to how Archie Comics did a new take on the character separate from the game's known canon. The short had featured a blend of both live-action and computer-generated sequences featuring many well known Sonic enemies, including his arch nemesis: Dr. Robotnik.The film was financed out of pocket with the help of fan donations all across the world. Eddie Lebron, along with Blue Core Studios, hoped to explore greater avenues with this project once it had been completed and released publicly. So my question is: why not bring Blue Core Studio's version Sonic into Mania...? That's my aim to do it. Depending on the time and effort, it could go from just a palette reskin like of the people who released palette skins on Sonic from how he looked from Sonic 1, 2, and 3&K; to a full on Skin Mod. Hopefully with extra help, that could happen. If any are interested in helping me to make this mod, please leave a post asking if you can help in any way. If you love this mod and want to make it better, contact me first please.


Edit all of Sonic's Sprites to closely match to the Fan/Spec Film.
Edit Sonic's Sprites for Blue Sphere Stage(s).
Edit Title Screen Sonic and Logo to match to the Fan/Spec Film.
Edit Super Sonic's Sprites.
Create Download Link (ONCE COMPLETED) .


  • 26dEdited 26d
    To all the 966 viewers so far, I am informing you that unless I can have more help with this project, it could possibly end up as just a Palette Skin like the ones of Sonic's appearances from Sonic 1, 2, and 3&K. Please, if you, the viewers, want this to be a full skin mod; I need more help because currently I'm too busy with my job at my local goodwill donation center and only have fridays and saturdays off to work on this. So if you are interested in wanting to contribute to make this mod a full palette and or skin mod, please leave a reply to this message. Thank you for hopefully listening and wish me as much luck as possible,

    ~The Last Werewolf
    A Loving Sonic Fan
  • 28d
    You, YES YOU! I'm talking to you, the viewers~! I need more pictures of Blue Core Studio's Sonic if I'm to get more color into the palette. Make sure that when you post a link to a picture for me to use that it's not blurry so I can get the clear colors I need for it. Thank you and wish me luck~!

    ~The Last Werewolf
    A Loving Sonic Fan
  • 29d
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    looks worse than the 06 model and the boom model (then again, the 06 model is my favorite sonic model)
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Eddie Lebron
Writer/Director of the Fan/Spec Film
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Helped with Palette Editing.
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SonicFan 254
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Owns Sonic 1 Mania Sprites.
Owns The Ultimate Sonic 1 Sprites.
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