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rc1 almost done 15-12-17 10mo
  • did the things

Additional Notes
24-11-17 11mo
So now that I'm reasonably comfortable with the hammer editor, I've decided to try my hand at redoing one of my old projects. Hard to believe it's only been a year (and two months, I guess)

One big change is the angle of the road-bend at the center of the map, in the 2016 version I worked along a 1-by-2 on the grid (which comes out to an angle of 26 and a half or something) which was reasonably similar to the original map, on the surface, but it caused a lot of problems within the editor. More than I realized at the time, even. (largely due me thinking I could outsmart the grid by selecting adjacent points and trying to wrangle mesh off-grid-but-still-in-line and shit like such)

So yea anyway I'm working along a basic 45* now which should help not turn it into such a steaming pile of nothing this time.

I'm making pretty rapid progress so I figured I better set up a WIP already. Honestly I prefer to keep things to myself until 's all finished but I suppose I'm hoping to create a bit of traction so it won't fizzle away on release.
The original got 800 downloads here and even a bit more than that on steam too, which in hindsight is astounding considering it looks like shit (I mean seriously like damn) so I'd sure hate if I failed to reach that audience this time around.


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    10mo 10mo
    So yea hey I know noone is sitting at the edge of their seat for this but I thought I should explain anyway why it's still not here despite my assurance I'd finish up and get it on here by saturday

    I left it to compile and figured I'd upload it quickly before I had to leave saturday afternoon, it was all good but then I remembered I'd have to pack the custom textures and all that in there

    Well I suppose I'm retarded because I couldn't get the damned thing to work so well, that's why. Then I was gonna upload it sunday night but I was looking through the screenshots and I guess a bunch of overlays had become un-applied during some last second changes friday, as well as a small bit of brushwork having been broken by a rogue BOT-LOS-BLOCK

    I went and fixed all that but now the damn thing crashes at round start in classic mode. God knows why but hey, it does.
    Not that I made the map with de_ gameplay in mind but it still seems kind of inexcusable to ship like this so woo yall back on the waiting train until whenever

    Guess I'll get some new screenshots maybe


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