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Progress Report

The maximum will be now optimized xD
I should call this map "5 times" - 5 times VERY FULL! in the log xD
I use here 8159 of 8192 available brushes! It runs actualy ok in my eyes, but not really good ;(, the problem here are not the details, no, the problem is the open layout combined with a lot water and physics. Turn the the waterreflections down, improves the framerate over 50%!

I try now to do this a bit better, i try it^^ I'ts not the plan, to ruin the map. I want the same map, just with a better performance! I work actually on a good vis optimization (hint textures), for this map. Really crazy in this case. The compile needs without over 40 mins with 12 Threads  @ 4.40Ghz. The optimized one runs now 20hours! -Just too open this map. I hope this will be the final version^^ Like I said, a bit crazy, a normal quadcore cpu will need 3 or 4 days for this!

Update 24 hours later:
The vvis process is still running :(, oh man what I've done here.
It runs now over 44 hours..... on a i7^^ This is really experimental,
I don't know, what time is normal for something like this. But I think it's normal:( I placed here over 2000 brushes with hint/skip textures. I delete a lot stupid placed or cutted brushes for doing this, and the crazy thing is: It have now the same brush amount.
Both versions: 8159 -mysterious, really not counted xD

I think this will improve the perfomance, but I know, that I can't hope for a wonder. 20% or 30% more frames are awesome at this. Tommorrow i can say more about this ;) My other maps are run 50-100% faster with this(de_newprodigy, fy_dark_reactor).

So, now i can say something xD(after 57 hours vvis, dark_reactor = 3 sec. xD):

Frames, before and after
90   > 133 - T-Spawn + 47%
100 > 128 - CT-Spawn + 28%
74   > 100 - Mapend Spawn T + 35%
104 > 112 - Bridge End CT  +7,7%
83   > 106 - Spawn Left Side CT + 27,7%
96   > 124 - Spawn Right Side CT +29,22%
79   > 111 - House Right Side CT +40,5%
126 > 138 - House Left Side CT + 9,5%
75   >   89 - Hall to Hall  +18,6%
108 > 155 -  Hut T-Spawn +43%
78 > 105 - Hall CT +34,6%
75  >  179 - Hall CT Map End +138%

Like I said, it runs now better, but still expensive. The map runs now with 38,2% more frames. The map itself is now really well optimized and it runs in all situations better. But the things that make this map so expensive are still all here. The bridge + a lot of other physics(89%) , the weapon spawners + other displays, and the water, oh man the water^^ Turn it down, if you have problems, this is really a big help. higher framerate with less drops.

I test this now 1 or 2 days, but I think all works fine.
Now I know, why I have this func_door Soundglitch in the map, a stupid bug, but hapends only on Linux Servers. I will fix this.
Valve: Loop Moving Sound- If an already looping

sound is played with this enabled, it can continue forever. Further

attempts to open or close the door will only add another looping sample

to the noise.

Release : 29.09.17
Maybe it will come, maybe not, the new build have still this great soundglitch on Linux servers. 3 years nobody say someting about this, I ask the people for a solution....,no answer. So I say now, I can play the original and the other people are just not want this map. I must compile this again for fixing this, so no release. Sry, but waiting again 57 hours for fixing this is stupid. If somebody need it, I can do this, but actually I work just for me, so no stress anymore xD

>>>>>>I just kiding, the release is...., the release is now :D, still nobody wants it? I think, No : ( If I i say I fix it, I will do this, if I say the release is at the 29.09.17. I do this. Yes I do not much here(quantity), but why work not matters, this is just more work, then every map I know. I make always new textures for new maps. and if they are 16 times bigger, they need 16 times more work. I hope somebody will enjoy this. Its all testet and it works fine on my server, but if you found something here, please tell me this, thanks.

The map is packed on the same way like fy_dark_reactor_ov, so you have to install 563 files on your server. The files are handled by a .res file, this is really oldschool, I know, but for my maps is this just better, stupid to download some textures more than one time, this is faster for the users if you have more than one map with this textures on your server. The download also works better with small files, so better for the users. Yes it's more work to handle, and you have to download the packet here for a install, but for a  server is this just better.

DL Link: (The gamebanana realease will come fast, but I need a pause, so if you want it now, use this link from my site, Thanks!)

Download : aim_bridgecut_ov

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