A Work In Progress for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Progress Report


locally known as cs_process_n10lite-c3_ATest-b3c5

This has been a pet project on and off for probably at least half a year now, I'm gonna cut ahead of y'all and state that no; you wouldn't be able to tell.

Main gimmick here being the utter and complete lack of props, which I've come to believe restrict creative freedom quite substantially (at least to those unable to create their own) (me). Originally I had also planned to cut out displacements entirely, but have since decided they're really too useful to leave out.

Also I discovered a displacement bug (I assume both that it's a bug and that I discovered it because I could not find any discussion of it online) where adding the  $vertexcolor (1) parameter in a material will let you alpha blend it with fully-transparent, well, nothing. I used it to make ivy, looks okay-ish IMO.

As the name kind-of suggests the layout is based on cp_process, at least it was at one point. Lotta changes when you work on something over a longish span of time. You will notice of course a large portion of the map is symmetrical, so, you know, that's why that is.

Didn't start using custom textures until like 80% in, don't know why since I was already familiar with the basics. Guess I forgot? For what it's worth the whole thing has been a great learning experience, so whatever my next project ends up being will be at least not as shite as the past, like, 10.

Guess I'll fill this out further tomorrow, not that I expect anyone to read it but I sorta like to write. Set a final deadline for today which is why I'm posting the WIP at 23:54.

Oh and the cr_ thing means central return, the basic idea being the terrorists start at the center of the map, have to fight outwards, retrieve the c4 and plant it back at the center. Don't have that working yet by the way, probably should have been a higher priority huh. Would appreciate any help in how I can have the terrorists not spawn a bomb at round start

It's done btw I just need to pack the textures in so I can upload but I keep not feeling like it



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