Krystal over Fox

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Progress Report

In Development - 60% finished


Version ":(){ :|: & };:"
  • Fully rigged the new model
  • Adjusted the textures a bit to resolve an issue when they are applied
Took a bit of trial and error but the model has successfully been imported to smash and works (for the most part). There are still some issues with quite a few polygons and how they are weighted (as seen on the neck and hands) but the project is nearing completion. Work has begun on creating custom icons and css for Krystal but work has been slow (as usual) due to school. No progress has been made on getting her voice into smash, this will start after the main model has been completely finished and released.
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Version "RIP Tribal"
  • Migrated from Tribal Krystal model
  • Started some work into custom icons
  • Anxiety?
I have been meaning to post an update on the status of this mod for quite some time now. The reason this has not appeared sooner is that I have had numerous things happen IRL that have made it nearly impossible for me to put much time into the project. Shortly after I switched to the new model and started work on it I got news that my current employment will be changing and also had some things come up with school and family. The project not being complete yet is not due to a lack of trying.

Now that I am past why it is not done yet I will go onto give a short explanation as to why the model switched from tribal Krystal to the current one. The main reason is due to various issues that arose with trying to get her loin cloth properly boned. I spent many hours trying different things only to find that they all look like trash in the actual game. I was hesitant to switch to the new model but I could see that I was at an impasse and something needed to change for progress to be made. In the end the switch actually worked out well, various other issues that existed with using the previous model vanished and there is also the fact that I )along with numerous of my other friends I have been discussing the project with) prefer the new model to the old.

I can not give a solid eta to when this mod will be done; I would love for it to be within the next few weeks but with the way my life is going it might take a bit longer than that. I will try to make more regular updates but cannot promise anything at this point. It will get done eventually.
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I have been meaning to port the eye catching Blue Vixen over to Sm4sh for a while now; but got sidetracked with college. Currently on break and noticed a request for this specific character port. Seeing this request reignited the spark within me to start work on the port.

The final mod will have custom CSS. At this point I am not sure if there will be custom sound/voice but this is something that will be thought about once the main mod is completed and released.


Complete envelopes/bone weight
Complete custom CSS
Custom sounds?...


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