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Collection of fixes for defaults

A Work In Progress for Counter-Strike 1.6

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Progress Report

В разработке - 50% finished


Additions and new DL link 2y
  • Addition Added all actual fixes as of 18/03/2018
  • Amendment Download link is now at Google Drive due to file size limitation (see the link at the bottom of the description)
resized hostages and peewees, p90 animation 2y Addition3 50% reached, thanks to all authours of new fixes 2y Archive updated, 30% progress 2y more elements added 3y

MAIN (models, textures, etc.)
1. Player models with fixed wrist and jaw by OLAF
2. Arm texture fix for default terror
3. Fixed muzzle flashes on m4a1, m3, scout by HELL and CS PRO
(Alternative) m4a1 with carry handle by Cd5ssmffan (texture fix  by CS PRO + transparent w_ump45)
4. Fixed muzzle flashes for pistols with shields by CS PRO
5. Fixed peewee for TMP by Ezequiel-TM
6. No muzzleflash on silencers by Classy666
(Additional) Better wrist for M4A1 by sv_aimbot 101
7. Normal wrist on 1.6 knife by Slartibarty
8. Proper reload animation for default G3SG1 by Classy666
9. Fixed textures for right-handed grenades
10. Sig P228 and Five-Seven clipping fixes by LeisRA
11. Proper world model of default knife by HELL
12. Correct ammo name for P90 by HELL
13. p_c4 model , usp peewees, ak47 texture, smooth p90 animation transition by Cd5ssmffan
14. Fixed p_ grenades and mp5 by XDarknessXD
15. Proper reload sync to animation for Glock18 by keNty.

15. Proper M3 shelldrop sound
16. Proper equip sounds for MAC10 and M249 by keNty.

HUD (sprites, gfx, etc.)
17. G3SG1, M4A1 and TMP sprite fixes by MegaKnight, LeisRA and Ezequiel-TM
18. (Alternative) Collection of sprite fixes by Burken which includes previous fixes from 14. and some extras
19. Classic menu background in 1920x1080 by MBit

AMXX plugins
20. AMXX plugins to fix some bugs and exploits by ConnorMcLeod et al.
21. A plugin that increases the FOV for widescreen mode created by ConnorMcLeod and uploaded by kim98


1. HQ peewees by DArK-SIdE (redistributor)
2. Smaller grenades by D-Wanderer
3. New origins for widescreen (16:9) by LTs_XaNdeRag
(Alternative) More centered origins by IvanGamerSom3 
4. Remastered scientists by Slartibarty
5. HQ hostages by Gearbox Software
6. Slightly more intense red glow for C4 by Harris
7. Animated radio icon by HELL
8. Body armor from the purchasing menu by LeisRA
9. HQ USP unsilenced by XDarknessXD

MAPS (props, navs, ambience, skyboxes)
1. Guys who create navigation files for PodBot and Zbot: Micro-Storm, Tigre11ify, KurutoColony, Big SmokTonVEVO. Check out their works!
2. HQ ambient sounds for cs_bikini by Tatwaffe
3. Improved CT intro music for de_westwood by Tatwaffe
4. The chicken from cs_italy by LeisRA
5. HQ wine bottle from cs_italy by LeisRA
6. Improved skybox for the classic cs_mansion by Cd5ssmffan
7. Correct text on cs_assault by drakonuid5

This project is intended to fix the issues that Valve overlooked and didn't correct for years. Thanks to the great GB community, many problems with default animations and textures are fixed now.
All changes are made to default models to preserve high FPS and familiar gameplay.

Any ideas and help with further improvements are highly appreciated. 


glock18 (no screen shake)
awp and scout (one shot - two bullets)
m3, awp, scout (shell ejection and drop sound)
correct position of p_xm1014

HELL for the WIP render
Phenixtri for the generous support of the project with points
Saseky for the great contribution in points
schiff. for the large contribution for a new fixes WIP
PSquiddy for a serious help with point
Podboat05 for the points contribution to a request
keNty. for the points contribution to a request

DOWNLOAD latest version from HERE


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