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  • Final photo, status update, compeletion of project.
4-05-17 2y
  • Model fully retextured. Normals Edited. New Firing Sounds added.
2-20-17 2y
UPDATE 4-05-2017

Pack is finished.  Total retexture of Lt.Nomad's M249 mesh hack is complete, I've added Homefront's M249 firing sounds, multiple skins, and have a bonus animation version to go in it.

Thinking I might release this item on the coming Saturday April the 8th.

UPDATE 2-20-2017

Progress made.  Model has been fully retextured.  Normals edited.  New Homefront firing sounds done.  Working on additional patterned skins and seeking to apply custom animations, just need to find a set that works.


Retexing default BF2 M249 (meshhacked version by Lt. Nomad) with details inspired by the M249 from the game "Homefront."  Using ingame images as a reference.

Plan on doing some additional pattern skins inspired/based from other games, some actual Camo patterns & some fictional, for the full package.

Might add Homefront firing sounds and what not using Audacity and community modding tools.

Haven't quit my other WIP project, just taking a break to finish this one then back to the other.
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