PM-Inspired UI Overhaul

A Work In Progress for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

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Progress Report

In Development - 80% finished


I'm still alive! (sorta)
  • New menu w.i.p (read text below)
  • It's done! Please tell me what you dislike and like about it!
Update: 4/25/17

Hey newcomers, I haven't released anything in the photos. I'm just showing, well, work in progress photos. You can check out the latest version of Project UI if you click on my icon.

Hey guys, it's Noodles here. I've been working on some stuff, doing schoolwork, doing UI for another pack, etc. So I decided to go ahead and let you all know, I'm planning to release the newest update somewhere in June (since May is full of exams) I've started to learn basic .lm stuff, and I'm making decent progress on the menu, I think. I'm gonna try overhauling a few things this update, hopefully some new stuff too. 

After 2.0 launched to mixed reception with the menu (the hardest part to make) I decided I would need some extra flair to get people into menu modding, so I set off to find someone to teach me .lm editing. Luckily, I found someone who was nice enough to set some time aside and teach me the basics. Since then, I've been researching and editing .lm for the menu, collecting info and stuff. I've also been doing part time for the Project Sapphire team, so that's basically where I've been.

But anyways, just wanted to let everyone start expecting a new update somewhat soon. Thanks for playing!


Really old stuff is below, seriously that download is the first version of Project UI. Don't use it guis. If you want any PM UI, go visit the actual mod page pls.

It's been a long wait since, but I think I've about finished the main UI for this pack. So far, I've edited most menus, CSS,SSS, Results screen, damage percents, etc, and a couple secrets I've left. I'll release this soon hopefully, so here's a little public beta.

Sorry about the crappy screenshots, but imgur doesn't work for me and using Google+ is kinda...long. I have school so I can't work on this constantly, or promise a firm release date, but I'll do my best. Thank you all for your support. 

The download is packed and U.S only, the EU version for whatever reason crashes with certain UI, but the US version is fine. If you want the buggy EU version, I'm sorry, but apparently it crashes in game when packed. Still trying to work out stuff. It's packed to prevent stealing certain content. If you want something from this, just ask. I'll make sure to upload it separately when it's done and complete.

P.S: Since this is just a UI overhaul I'm not adding anything else to  it until I'm completely finished with it. And I don't think Nano lets people use his PM costumes in packs anyways, so rip me lol.

Mods Included:
CSS Editor: aelean
PM CSS Icons: Lazy Vidya

Yep, everything else was done by me. If you see someone else's mod besides these two wonderful people's creations, then I did it manually, by myself. But hey, they deserve credit for their wonderful creations too, right?

BHB Background (EDITED): Mayro
PM Inspired HUD: Masta Shot

Special thanks to Dr. Hypercakes, xPanic, TSM, and Mojoh for testing and giving me feedback. Also to the PMDT, as this is from my love for Project M and the memories I have from playing it. I still have a lot of touching up to do, a few thing to add, so PLEASE give me some feedback as well! Thank you, and have a great day.



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