Ultimate UberBlitz (Expert MvM Tour)

A Work In Progress for Team Fortress 2

Progress Report

In Development - 20% finished

This WiP Expert MvM Tour comprising of missions spanning all 7 of the Valve maps and more!

BlazingDiancie, back again, this time with a new, upcoming expert tour that will span across all 7 of the valve maps as well as several community maps! These maps will include: Underground (Woozlez), Oilrig (Zorbos), Intercept (Alias), Skullcove (Alias), Isolation (E-Arkham), Yucatan (Snowbåt), Meltdown (signalmax) and the all-new Area52 (Woozlez)! It will definitely be some time before I can release this. Expect to see some awesome custom bots such as:

  • Rocket Heavy/Giant Rocket Heavy (Heavies wearing snazzy yellow shades. They shoot rockets from their miniguns. That's right, ROCKETS! And a lot of them too so watch out!
  • Shield Medic (A medic that doesn't have an Ubercharge but is able to deploy a projectile shield to absorb bullets and explosives and damage you!)

Also expect to see some epic bosses such as:

  • The Bolted Behemoth (He's Back! The Winglet's titan technological terror has found his way into Mannhattan! Take him down at all costs!)
  • General Gatecrasher (This guy can cap gates in the blink of an eye! Don't let him near them! Oh, and, watch out for his powerful rockets.)
  • Excavation Chief Mk.III (He might look like a Giant Pyro holding a shotgun, but don't underestimate him. He's got enough power to crack open the mine you stand in!)
  • Yuno Gasai (You didn't harm Yuki, did you? You did?! Oh boy, now you've done it...)
The mission names are currently as follows:
  • Decoy: Death's Diversion
  • Coaltown: Scorching Slammer
  • Mannworks: Murder of Mortals
  • Bigrock: Desert Rampage
  • Rottenburg: German Gear Force
  • Mannhattan: Crystal City Overdrive
  • Ghost Town: Evolution of Eden
  • Underground: Mineshaft Massacre
  • Oilrig: Crude Chaos
  • Intercept: Egyptian Evisceration
  • Skullcove: Corpse Party (Those of you who watch anime will get this reference)
  • Isolation: Snowstorm
  • Yucatan: Mountainside Mayhem
  • Meltdown: Fusion Frenzy
  • Area52: Cybertronian Carnage

EDIT: Apologies for the slow progress, I've been lacking motivation recently. I'm also drawing closer to my GCSEs so there's those to study for and they will take a lot of my time up.

EDIT II: Okay, this needs some explaining. I literally haven't touched this project in months due to a combination of Creator's Block and Pokemon. BY NO MEANS does this mean it's cancelled. I have A-Levels coming up and I'm going to crack down on this project like Iris Heart on Nepgear come this Summer.



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