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This is basically a variety of information that you may find helpful when using the site: Posting ======= Eventlog Notices ---------------- To notify a member of your post & provide a link to said members profile in a post, you can use two percentage signs around their name -- this will create a link and send them an eventlog. Example:
Images ------ Thumbnailing large images can't be done with the default markup so you must use the HTML code to create images. 350px Wide Example:
<img src="URLTOIMAGE" width="350px" />
Code? Compile Logs? ------------------- Posting Compile logs (For maps, skins etc) can be troublesome to view when lines wrap, to avoid that you need to use pre tags around the text. Example:
<pre>Compile Log Here</pre>
CSA Ratings =========== You are able to remove _Unjustified_ ratings (meaning they did not post a message with their rating). Simply check the box beside the rating(s) you wish to remove and then click "Remove Rating(s)." Profile ======= uPic ---- Why won't my uPic center with my avatar/why is there extra un-wanted space? The solution is very simple, remove the extra space on either side of your image. Submissions =========== Writing your own Terms & Conditions can be tiresome, to help with that you can use this wonderful generator to quickly create a legal notice on what people can and cannot do with your work. [Creative Commons]( ""). Just note you will need to remove _some_ elements from the generated code to be acceptable on GameBanana forms (style attribute on the image). Example:
Creative Commons License
Tom's Bandana by John Smith is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at



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