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Update 1.53
  • Rule changes regarding configuration files.
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Rules and guidelines that apply to script submissions.

1.0 Render

No render or screenshots is needed for a script.

1.1 Submission Title

Please keep your submission title short, informative and searchable. Special characters, numbers, and spaces are not allowed at the beginning of the title.

1.2 Script Author(s)

Please add proper credits to your submission. Using pronouns (Me, I, etc) within the authors list is against the rules. The name of anyone involved in the coding of the script should appear in the author box. The website where you got the script is not acceptable as credits.

1.2.1 Did you create this Submission?

If you are a person directly involved in the making of the submission, then check "Yes". If you simply converted a picture, are redistributing the item, or are submitting the item for someone else, then you would check "No".

1.3 Category

First, make sure you choose the correct game section. Next, choose the most appropriate category for your submission. Please look at all of the available choices before making your decision. New categories are added periodically. If there is no section for the game your submission is for, please contact a moderator or an admin so a section can be added. Do not simply submit the item in a random place.

1.4 Is this a studio submission?

If you are the member of a studio, and wish to make this submission a studio submission, use the pull down menu to find your studio's name. If you wish to keep the submission out of any studio, leave the selector on "Independent Release". Do not put any submissions under a studio that were not made by any member of the studio.

1.5.0 Exclusions

There are some items which may not be included in your submissions. They follow below.

1.5.1 Duplications

When duplicate scripts are submitted, the newest script is deleted. Please do use the search engine before submitting a script.

1.5.2 Hacks

Scripts that modify the game's core or that may harm the user's game or computer are not allowed.

1. 1.5.3 Configuration Files

We won't allow any kind of configs that are exclusive to your personal needs also known as "user" configs. These files are usually generated due to the users personal preference and will not be allowed. Do not submit these as scripts or they will be removed immediately. The exception is if they have a wide appeal to our audience; For example pro players configs or configs that contain something new and unique.

2. 1.5.4 Command Bind

This rule is deprecated and may subject to change in the future. Users can get the binds from the Internet. Command bind should not be submitted as scripts.

1.5.5 Advertisements

Any advertisements on this site must be paid for. Do not include any ads in your submissions.

1.6 Non-Compliance

Non-compliance with any of the above clauses, unless otherwise noted, will result in your submission being withheld or deleted at the administrator's discretion.

If you are having trouble understanding any of these rules, please contact a moderator or administrator before submitting. To view a list of moderators and administrators, head over to this page.


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    > **Posted by G0damm!t**
    > confused on one part, it says that I need to include authors even though i created this script by myself

    ??? Just add the author names involved in the submission.. if its only you.. then add your name.
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    Powerful AMXMODX coder
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    confused on one part, it says that I need to include authors even though i created this script by myself
  • 4y
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    > **Posted by Clener74**

    > Can someone explain me what is that "command bind" thing, or those "configuration files"?

    They are like this:

    bind "button" "command"
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    Uncle Racer
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    Can someone explain me what is that "command bind" thing, or those "configuration files"?
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    I love everyone.


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