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Rules and guidelines that apply to poll submissions.

1.0 Purpose

The polls section gives the opportunity for users to ask open questions to the community and vote. A record of the amount of votes cast is displayed to the public and you must give enough information and voting options.

1.1 Quality

You must choose and appropriate type of question to ask. Questions on GAMEBANANA are commonly asked in two different ways, open and closed. Closed questions have very few possible answers (Favourite Star Wars Film), Open-ended questions are ones with near limitless answers and should be submitted as a thread (Favourite TV show). Questions should always have positive/negative (different) choice.

1.2 Spam

We will not tolerate spam or point-farming. We don't like users taking advantage over the point system any fraudulent activity will result in your points being deducted as punishment. This goes for multiple polls created within the same time or several polls created in a row by the same user. Give some time and thought in between polls added and moderators should stay out of your hair. If you have doubts about whether you should add the poll consult a moderator before submitting it. We will not allow duplicate polls, they will be trashed.

1.3 Non-Compliance

Non-compliance with any of the above clauses, unless otherwise noted, will result in your submission being withheld or deleted at the administrator's discretion.

If you are having trouble understanding any of these rules, please contact a moderator or administrator before submitting. To view a list of moderators and administrators, head over to this page.



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