Downed Pilot Walkthrough

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One of our helicopters has been shot down during training. You locate the crash site automatically and are then ordered to follow the blood trail in search of survivors. Expect opposition!

One of our helicopters has been shot down during training. You locate the crash site automatically and are then ordered to follow the blood trail in search of survivors. Expect opposition! Objective: Search for survivors of helicopter crash.
Break the wooden planks covering the hole in the fence; use your knife. Move along the river to the right. Be sure your allies are following you. Enemies wait just around the corner so be ready. Watch for a sneaky foe in an alcove on the right side. Move beyond the building ahead and continue to the right. Notice the land mine on the ground as you approach the downed aircraft. Search the aircraft for health near the cockpit and ammo and a sniper rifle near the rear. Before moving to the rear, shoot the explosive barrel to eliminate a couple hostiles. Beware of two more overlooking the cockpit: a sniper up high and one on the ground at the plane's nose. Exit the plane and move around it's left side and across the nose to find the narrow path. Objective: Proceed ahead into mining facility.
Cut the tree branch with your knife. Avoid the land mines by using the steps on the right. Many enemies wait to the left. There's a sniper up high to the right, an RPG launcher on the bridge, a third enemy sniper on a ledge to the left, and a final hostile on the ground near the mines. Kill the ground foe and right sniper by strafing carefully to the right. The RPG launcher is tougher. Instead of remaining on the steps, leap off and over the mines. Dodge the incoming rocket then shoot the RPG launcher and the second sniper to the left. Grab the health and cross the bridge. Cut another branch with your knife and descend into the mines. As the tunnel widens, beware of enemies below. Toss in a flashbang or HE grenade to provide an advantage or just lure them toward your line of fire as you take cover around the corner. Grab the health in the room. Use the lever behind the mine car on the left; this lowers another car on the right side of the room. Jump on the lowering cart to descend a level. Beware of enemies to the left and right at the next intersection. Turn right and ascend the ladder into the room above. Use the medkit then hit the switch and open the door. Shoot the guards on the other side. Objective: Move on and locate pilots.
Press on through the storage room and the barracks. Shoot the foe taking cover behind the table; there's a second hostile hiding near the cots on the right. Cross the room on the left side and hop up onto the cot. Break the grate over the vent using your knife. Crawl inside. Shoot the grate and enemy at the end. Hop out and enter the office on the left. Take out the enemies in the room including one to the right. Use the computer marked "Locked" so it says "Unlocked". Exit through the door on the far left side of the room. Shoot the enemy near the fan then open the door on the right. Blast the guard behind the crates. Move cautiously around the corner and take out more guards taking cover behind crates as well as another guard behind a grate ahead. He tosses grenades so shoot him quickly. [ad-table]Go around the corner to the left. More guards wait in the room to the right. Shoot the red barrel quickly. When you do, retreat into the hall to avoid taking damage. Mop up any wounded enemy survivors then search the room for health, ammo, and a new weapon. Use the lever on the motor to raise up the car. This permits access to the tunnel below. Drop down inside. Follow the tunnel to a ladder. Climb up to the top and blast open the grate. Shoot the red barrel to kill the nearby enemy (hard to avoid damage, though) or just shoot him instead. Exit the vent and follow the stairwell to the left. A room lies at the bottom of the stairs; a group of enemies guard the room. Shoot the red barrels on the right side of the room to help clear out your foes. Use the wheel valve under the "High Voltage" sign to supply power to the door on the right. It opens and you can move through. In the next storage room, shoot the barrels to the left (killing an enemy) and another enemy to the right. Search the shelves for a radio-controlled bomb and a blowtorch. Use the medkit then press onward to the left. Descend the staircase. The room at the bottom contains one of the pilot hostages-and enemies heavily protect the area! Beware of enemies up high forward and to the right. After clearing the room, speak with the hostage. Your allies arrive to secure the hostage and order you to continue on and look for additional survivors. Climb the ladder in the corner of the room and shoot the enemy waiting at the top. Walk toward where the enemy stood and the floor breaks under your feet. Return up the ladder and jump from the broken floor through the window and into the adjacent room. You can cross the broken area and use the medkit if needed. Pull the lever inside the room; this opens a door on the ground level beneath the ladder. Drop down and continue in that direction. Follow the tunnel to the next room. The toughest foes wait behind the crates. Spot a sniper up high and another guard behind the fence. After clearing the room, use a radio-controlled bomb on the cracks on the right side of the chamber. There's a medkit to use to the left. Your eventual goal is the far left side where you'll place another radio-controlled bomb. Before doing so, however, jump onto the crates on the right side and break open the grate. Shoot the guard ahead and drop into the room. Beware of two more guards to the right that will ambush you if you aren't careful. Comb the room; it contains weapons, ammo, grenades and armor. The tank opens a hole in the wall. Return through and detonate another radio-controlled bomb on the crack to the far left. Use the blowtorch to bust open the lock on the left. Move around to the right and find another spot for a radio-controlled bomb. Place one and detonate. This opens a hole in the grate below. Hop down into the water and follow the crawlspace to the new weapon at the far end. Return outside the crawlspace. Retrace your steps through the mining facility. Some new guards appear so what your step. Furthermore, the mining facility is collapsing so some rooms may be a bit different than you left them. For example, navigate the right side of the hole in the floor. On the far side you'll find another spot for a radio-controlled bomb (you passed here earlier). Detonate the bomb. Move through the open passage and shoot the enemies that attempt to block your advance. Search an alcove on the right for additional ammo and make a stop at the medkit if necessary. Follow the hall into a kitchen and finally into an open office area. Eliminate the guards inside. Go through the left gate to the computers. Use the one marked "Locked" to trigger the next event. Gas enters the room. There's no escape. You've been captured! Objective: Find way to escape from prison cell.
Crouch and break the bricks in the corner to find a secret room. Pick up the knife. Return to the cell door and press the "use" button to start beating on the door. Do so until you attract the guard's attention and he walks over. When he opens the door, kill him using the knife (secondary attack). Pick up the weapon on the left side of the room and eliminate the other guard. The far door opens revealing more hostiles. Shoot them (hit the red barrel for added explosive damage) and grab the weapon, ammo case, and armor. Move along the top of the shelf on the left side of the room. From here you can leap to the ladder. Climb up and into the room above. Grab the grenade off the crate. Jump onto the shelving on the left side of the room. Next, leap to the top of the file cabinets. Break the grate with a weapon and drop through. You're now in the room that contained the gas. Eliminate the guards and move through the open passage on the right side. Follow the hall down the stairs to the left. Note the open hole to the right. Your allies are just outside and about to mount an attack on the compound. Defeat an enemy to the left then assist your allies through the valley up toward the compound. Defeat the enemies around the perimeter then go inside the building. Shoot the guards inside. Grab the flashbang and drop down through the hole in the floor. More guards occupy the lower level. Maneuver back outside and eliminate the sniper on the adjacent rooftops. Your allies bust through to assist. Watch for additional enemies to the far left. Objective: Escort hostages to rescue zone.
Cross the courtyard to the far left side. There's an open passage here. Shoot the red barrel to cause a damaging explosion. Eliminate remaining guards and find a pilot in an adjacent room. Defeat the guards then escort the pilot back to your allies. Another door opens on the right side of the courtyard. Assist your allies in eliminating the enemies that appear from the passage. Enter the next structure. Move to its rooftop. Follow the edge of the roof from building to building until you can jump over the fenced in area that contains a health pack. There's also a hole in the ground here. Follow the tunnel to another hostage. As soon as you rescue him, an enemy enters the room. Defeat the enemy and follow the tunnels to the exterior. Combat the enemies that appear on the right side. Escort the hostage to the rescue zone to the left to complete the mission.


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